AdiPure 360.2

Adidas - AdiPure 360.2

I wouldn't use these shoes outside the gym. They are pretty comfortable, but not made to run on concrete
What did you use it for?
These shoes have been with me almost everywhere. It is so comfortable and easy to slip on that it has followed me trekking, walking my dog, holidaying in both temperate and tropical climates. Youname it and I have done it with this pair of trainers.
What should I be careful with?
The durability of your trainers are highly reliant on how you choose to store them. I tend to place moisture absorbers in every trainer or shoe rack that I placethemin,topreventfungus and mould.
What did you like?
Everything about it. The way it fits precisely to my feet, the cushioning of the trainers and even the breathability. I am a sweater, and these trainers seem to ventilate well enough so that my feet do not smell exceptionally bad after each session with it.

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