How to make money online with Superble

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People Buy



How to win points
1000 POINTS = 100 $

Recommend the products you love

Every time someone buys a product you recommend through Superble, you win 5 points

Publish your own articles

Every time someone buys a product featured in one of your articles on Superble, you win 5 points

Feature your recommendations in your articles and win up to 10 points! Making money online has never been so simple!

How to get more views

  • Invite your friends to Superble

  • Share your recommendations

  • Share your articles

How to become a publisher

Becoming a publisher on Superble is very simple! Just complete one of the 3 actions below:

  • Publish 10 articles

  • Recommend 60 products

  • Win 1,000 points

As a publisher,
you will get

  • Invitations to exclusive events

  • Insights & analytics on your performance

  • keywords and trends that are hot in your market

  • Exposure in our newsletter and social media pages

  • Access to exclusive campaigns and discounts