Your Sexy Vintage Valentine's Day

Your Sexy Vintage Valentine's Day

By avatarIllumuniationWriting

Do you want to spice up your relationship this Valentine’s Day? A classy yet sexy piece of lingerie matched with the perfect perfume is all it takes. 

After trying so hard to find something to wear for my wife on Valentine’s Day, I realized that almost everything out there is so cliché. Being a woman with an old soul I love to personify class. Most of what the local stores had to offer bored me. However, I did find a few items to go with my Vintage Valentine’s Day theme for 2018. This article displays the styles that I found the classiest. Leaving your significant other a little mystery as to what lye’s beneath. 

The “Onesie Lingerie” is always a great go to my two favorites came from Forever 21.

This sheer pink onesie with grey diamonds really brings out your skin color and is completely see-through. I recommend it for the vixen out there who wants something special. The price was more affordable than most and well worth it. 

Next, we have a vintage velvet onesie for about the same price as the sheer pink onesie. This piece is extremely comfortable and sexy at the same time. I recommend it to any young lady deciding to cook at home for their lover. When they see you walking around in this your Valentine’s day is bound to go as planned. Or even if you are going out with friends this year this onesie would look amazingly romantic under a pair of blue jeans.

Lastly, in the Onesie department we have a simpler lace black onesie for the older & wiser lady looking to feel a little sexier this Valentine’s Day, but not wanting to just let it all hang out. This piece had great tummy control and its black velvet is sensual to the touch. This onesie was purchased at JC Penny.

If the onesie just isn’t your style and your “Bae” appreciates more skin right up front, I recommend the following Baroque Rose Bralette and Panty from Forever 21. The bralette has a very sexy baroque vintage look in silk.  You can choose from an assortment of panties to match.

If you don’t care about breaking your budget for this February 14th, you can also mosey on down to the reliable and always classy Victoria’s Secret. Although prices here may be more than expected, you are getting the quality that you are paying for. While keeping our vintage theme, Vicki’s is my personal favorite place to shop for such occasions.

Out of everything in the store, I chose a classy Kimono robe for along with a silk, pink, and lace nighty. To top it off I purchased the new scent called Tease Noir which comes completely vintage in an authentic atomizer.

I was able to satisfy my needs to make my Valentine’s Day perfect for me and the love of my life. I hope this helps and am wishing you all a very exciting day of Love.

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