Writer Essentials: Gadgets and Tools every writer should use

Writer Essentials: Gadgets and Tools every writer should use

By avatarSuktara

Writing is a demanding job. Every writer knows writing on a topic requires in-depth research, avoiding procrastination and facing the nightmares of deadlines. More often than not, writers end up being less productive on a day due to poor internet connections, not having a proper writing schedule, and spending too much time on social media. If you are a writer and can identify with these issues I am sure you will these gadgets and apps really useful in increasing your productivity.

1. Writing apps: To aid writers in their overall creative process there are an array of apps available now. Among these, I have narrowed down only four, which I think are best for any professional or aspiring writer.

· FocusMe: A great anti-distraction app for writers, it is available for Android, Mac, and Windows applications. Through this app, you can block specific sites which distract you. It has a timer option so you can take breaks between your work schedules. Did I mention it’s free for Android? Overall a great app for procrastinators (like me).

· List for Writers: Are you suffering from the dreaded writer’s block? List for Writers provides you with many creative ideas in form of lists. It has a user-friendly interface so you can kick-start the brainstorming session super quick. The price for this app is $2.99.

· Evernote : It’s free! And best. Use it to scribble your ideas, create-to-do lists, save online information for your project. Organize your work through folders and tags. Evernote also syncs your content in all your devices so you can have access to your saved stuff anytime, anywhere.

· Grammarly: It’s a great app for editing your project. It corrects the grammar, improves sentence construction and detects plagiarism. You can use the free version or its paid premium version.

2. Seamless WiFi: I am sure we all agree how crucial internet is for our writing projects but poor Wi-Fi signals hamper productivity and the creative process. Among a number of Wi-Fi systems, NETGEAR Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi System is genuinely worth investing in. This wireless Wi-Fi system creates a buffer free zone by strengthening Wi-Fi signals across your home. It has a tri-band router that covers up to 5000 sq feet. You can also set-up a separate Wi-Fi network for guests.

3. Noise canceling headphones: These devices are essential if you are working in a noisy environment. Noise canceling headphones can help you to tune out the outside world and concentrate on your task. Buy a good quality headphone even if it is in a higher price range. Most budget-friendly ones do a poor job of blocking external sound. 

I think Bose QuietComfort 35 headphone is a good choice in this category. It is comfortable to wear, cancels all ambient noise and has a 20 hour+ battery life.

4. Moleskine Notebook: Time and again we all turn to the good old Moleskine Notebook time don’t we? There is something about writing in those off-white pages that get our creative vibe flowing. The pages are smooth and thick so the ink does not bleed. No wonder it is so popular among writers.

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