Women equality campaigns you should support

Women equality campaigns you should support

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The equal access to job, educational opportunities, decision-making institutions and the world free of stereotypes and gender prejudices are some of key policies of various movements for women equality. Supporting these movements and campaigns is definitely a praiseworthy effort. To help you with that, we compiled a list of five movements that you should get behind in 2018. 

He for She

UN backed campaign "He for She" is aimed at promoting gender equality by encouraging all genders to be agents of change and defenders of equality principles. The reason for this approach, as explained by the campaign's initiators, is that most gender equality movements were centered on the principle that women should help women. 

However, the UN wants to include men in this endeavor as the initial research proved that they also care deeply about the women equality. The website of "He for She" campaign is filled with various details of ongoing activities. For example, there are numbers of men and boys who took pledge to promote campaign's principles in each country. 

The initial goal of engaging one million men and boys by July 2015 was not reached, so the initiative continues to present day.

Women's March

Almost one million people marched in Washington in January, 2017, to protest policies initiated by Donald Trump, but also to promote women rights, minority rights, LGBTQ rights, and racial equality. This was not the only march of this kind as similar events took place around the globe and in other U.S. cities giving birth to a movement that continues its activities in 2018 as well. 

The movement is supported by many politicians, but also by hundreds of celebrities. The website of organization behind Women's March contains all information you need to get involved and protect rights you care for. 


African-based movement advocates for the end of harmful practice known as female genital mutilation (FGM). This practice is encountered in certain parts of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. In addition to this, FGM is present in Europe especially when girls and women are taken to their country of origins to go through this horrible suffering

There are several organizations promoting this campaign including The Girl Generation. On their website you can find plenty of information and reports that you can read and then take action to help bring an end to torturing of girls and women. 

Time's Up

One of the well-known cases of sexual harassment of women is related to the allegations brought against powerful Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. This inspired many other women to speak up and expose men in power who used their influence to sexually harass female coworkers. 

Hollywood celebrities founded a movement to fight sexual harassment on behalf of all women but especially those unable to defend themselves and speak up. A $13 million legal defense fund was formed and this movement will advocate for greater women equality and the legislation designed to punish companies with repeated cases of sexual harassment. 

Poverty is Sexist

"Poverty is Sexist" is a campaign launched by the advocacy and campaigning organization One. The focus is on the dreadful economic conditions and poverty preventing women from reaching their full potential. Lack of education, lack of bank account, smaller salary for same work, and lack of promotion at work for women are just few of many issues this campaign raised. 

They invite people around the globe to take action in this campaign and claim that around 9 million people already took some form of action to advance their cause. 

A fight for equal rights and opportunities of women and men is a long-term endeavor that will not be won easily. That is precisely the reason why each one of us should contribute in a meaningful way to promote this cause and make the world a better place. 

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