Why you should include Korean BBQ in your menu!

Why you should include Korean BBQ in your menu!

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Spicy and yummy, the perfect adjectives for the Korean BBQ

Good morning guys!

On this side of the world, at this moment that I am beginning to write this article, it is just daylight so ... To smile at the world on this beautiful day does not matter if when you read it the afternoon is already falling.

Today I am in a good mood because I write an article about something that I really like, although it is something I do all the time, today I am doing it with a lot of time and previous research. Because I really want to tell you important things or data that you should keep in mind for when they want to make a real Korean BBQ!

Since I was little when I saw the Korean dramas and their movies, you could always notice that the actors and/or characters ended up taking Soju and eating a Korean BBQ and uff ... How delicious and appetizing it looked, I will not deny that I was dying of envy every Once I saw them and always wanted to have some food in my hands at that time hahaha.

In my native country, it was difficult to get the ingredients necessary to get the real taste of a Korean BBQ and always ended up trying an attempt at Korean BBQ instead.

However, I think that not only depends on the taste, it is the experience of a Korean BBQ that makes the moment exquisite, it is the perfect plan that complements an outing with friends or if you are in a heartbreak plan as well, as many dramas taught us Korean, it works. That is, who really doubts that food can not heal a broken heart or comfort us?

Actually, I still can not find a place that offers me the kind of experiences that I tell you when I want to eat a Korean BBQ, however, after a lot of research, I was able to know which ingredients are essential for its preparation, which is the original marinade and necessary to have the flavor of a Korean BBQ on my plate and of course, what derivatives and / or companions are ideal for this type of food. So then I'll give you a little review of each of those points and I honestly hope that it will be useful or if not, that will impel you to try this type of food.

Hey! Before starting I want to share with you some important, curious and funny facts that I discovered about Korean food and it seemed like the best prelude to the content that you are about to read ...

1. In fact, Korean food is really spicy

And when I tell them it's spicy, it's because YES it is! Basically what they use to spice up the food and enhance the flavor of their dishes is to put red chili paste into the seasoning, that is, almost the spiciest they can find on the market, besides, if they are what I prefer if they go to cook some spicy dish directly use the chili instead of buying spicy already mixed in the market, which in my opinion can bring many chemicals and mixtures that can fall badly in the stomach. The best will always be the natural.

2. Pots for food

It is normal that when we think of Korean food we associate it with Asian food and that in itself, it is. What happens is that they use kitchen implements different from what we can really appreciate or that in most Asian recipes they recommend us and that instead of using a Wok to cook they suggest that you should cook in pots that are normally created with a natural material (like some stone resistant to fire) that you can use to cook directly and at the same time serve as a dish. Let's see, who does not love to eat from the pot? LOL.

3. Fermented food is the base

As they read, the food and fermented condiments is something normal and necessary in Korean cuisine no matter what the dish I assure you that something fermented must be in its preparation. At first I can tell you that I thought this was a lie, obviously a long time ago when I was just beginning to know about this culture, but when you start cooking with fermented food and condiments you realize that the odor that they bounce is very strong and that maybe you are a little afraid to add them to your recipes but believe me it will be worth it in the end!

4. If fermented food is the base, vegetables are the center

I think this fact is not so surprising or maybe you have already noticed that Korean food is surrounded by vegetables, even in their desserts! But if you are vegetarian or you simply like the lifestyle and food -green- this data could be very useful for them to take that step that they need to know this wonder of Korean cuisine.

Now, going back to our main theme which is the Korean BBQ ...


A Korean BBQ is not a Korean BBQ if it does not have soy sauce and sugar lol. Also, you should have enough onion and green onions, mushrooms if you like, a little molasses, salt and sesame oil (something very typical in Korean food) pepper and of course a little rice wine.

The base of the Korean BBQ comes as a meat whether beef, pork or chicken, it really depends on your preference.

As a curious fact and depending on your tastes, you can add carrots because some people prefer to use that vegetable in this recipe. Remember that the meat should be cut into strips and cooked on a grill either electric, gas or charcoal.

Marinated mix

Depending on your tastes, you can try a seasoned Korean BBQ or not, from my point of view, it is the seasoning that gives the touch and if you get to think about that fact, it is not really difficult to prepare that marinade.

I'm not here to give you the original recipe of marinating for a Korean BBQ but, if I can share with you the mixture that has worked best for me and that I believe, it meets the flavors that the dish and my palate requires.

Side dishes

Well, as you will know the Korean BBQ is only seasoned meat roasted and chopped into small pieces that normally their guests eat with a lettuce leaf instead of bread. But, there are many side dishes that you can prepare and / or buy to accompany that meal. My favorites are:



-Spicy scallion salad

-And Ssamjang (it's a kind of pasta or cream of onions and chilis that give a touch to the meat when you smear it on it)

We can conclude that this is an interesting food to try, it will provide your palate with a curious and rewarding mixture for our souls. Yes, as inspirational as it sounds hahaha.

Asian food stands out for its flavors and mixes but from my perspective, the Korean is the winner in that internal competition. Let me know how it goes with the Korean BBQ! I hope you enjoy it like never before.

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