What to do to Prepare Your Toddlers for School

What to do to Prepare Your Toddlers for School

By avatarRexC

Here are simple techniques to emotionally prepare your toddlers in their first day of school. Try these and let them be excited, happy and enjoy the day without crying at your back.

This is a usual scenario every first day of school for nurseries and kindergartens. They tend to cry and won't let their parents be out of their sights. But personally, I think we can stop these scenes.

I came up writing with this during my son's first day of school. I saw many kids crying and aren't in a school mood. They are even older than my son. So, I thought of rewinding how I prepared my 4-year old son and successfully sent him to school with excitement, happiness, and willingness.

1. Teach them basic academic learnings

Imagine yourself during your school days when you get nervous and trembles during the class reporting but you never will unless you are equipped with sufficient knowledge and ideas. How much more at their very young age with strange people around them, right?

So before sending your kids to school, equip them first as much as you can with basic academic ideas appropriate for their age. Simple topics like alphabets, numbers, nursery rhymes and a lot more. You can use charts, flashcards, and educational videos. If you can teach your child advance topics, then, let them learn. You will see how comfortable and confident your child will be when at school. They will feel no fear.

 Just a tip, make sure to teach them how to introduce themselves. That's one thing for sure they will do on the very first day and do an advance study using their books.

2. Orient them about school scenes, systems, and situations in the classroom

Even just attending an event, a programme is prepared so to orient the guests with the flow of the event. Bring your child a comfort by letting them know the programme of a class.

So, parents, it is our duty to orient them about the usual scenes inside of the classroom. Let them know what kids and teachers are doing in there and how should they respond appropriately.

Importantly, make it clear to them to never cry and that you are not allowed inside of the classroom, so, they will be prepared emotionally and psychologically.

3. Bring them to the school before the start of classes

When we visit new places and new tourist spots, we tend to search for reviews about the situation of the place before going there, so, we will know how secure we are when we get there, right? The same wondering and feeling our kids do have like us.

Introducing them to the school beforehand will bring them complacency to be there even when you are not around. They will become familiar with the place making them feel at ease and confident even when they are at school without your presence. Doing such ahead will lessen the probability for them to feel nervous and feared when left at school.

4. Let them choose their school things

How would you feel when you buy stuff which you really don't like but your wife likes? Out of love, you will use it but your heart likes it not. I know that.hahaha.

Give them the freedom to select the things according to their preferences. They will have the feeling of excitement to be in the school and to use their things. They will love to use it and will not be emotionally dragged by having things they don't like.

But never forget financial discipline. Guide and teach them to stick to the budget. Financial spoiling is never good.

If they feel excited, they will love to be in school but don't forget to orient them ahead that parents aren't allowed inside of the school premise.

5. Allow them to choose their snack foods

Same thing with choosing their things, give them freedom so they will be inspired when they are in the classroom. Yes, that makes sense. Snack time is like the time for them to rest, fix themselves and gain back their mood. So, when they are delighted with their food, they will have a happy time and ahead.

I can still remember when my son asked for rice and broccoli meal for his snack but since rice is prohibited during snack time, my wife carefully explained it to him and we brought him to the mart. We let him choose what he wants. He got:

· Nestle Heavenly Mango Yoghurt Drink;

· Fibisco The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies and;

· Fudgee Barr Vanilla Cream Filled Bar 

More importantly, don't ever forget to have them bring their own water and remind them to always take a sip of it. For more convenience, we had this straw type McQueen Tumbler for our son that teases him to take a sip as he plays with the straw. It's a kids' habit anyway.

Never was full and delighted!

Try these tips then daddies and mommies. It worked with our witty lil Todd.

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