What Are The Best Toys for Infants?

What Are The Best Toys for Infants?

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Toys play a crucial role in the development of every infants mind. Through these infants were able to learn to develop attention, hand-eye coordination, motor skills for rolling and crawling.  Even more, these toys even encourage babies to babble and speak their first words. 

This is why a lot of parents do a lot of research on the best bay toys in order to give their children the privilege of learning even during playtime. 

And as babies continue to learn new skills every day, it is important for parents to pick the right toy for their children appropriate for their child's age

To help you sort out bunches of toys sold out there, here are few varieties of toys in which you may consider on buying:

rattles and teethers

Babies interact with their world through senses. Thus, it is important for babies to be able to explore through their senses, such as  using their hands, mouths, and feet. On the other hand, Rattles and Teethers are specially made with various textures and materials that would easily appeal to baby's keen senses. 

play gyms

These activity gyms and play mats encourages babies to reach up and play with toys that are dangling over their head. This is important to help their bones and muscles to fully develop. 

Furthermore, this special toy often comes with eye-catching rattles and music, giving a calming and enjoyable feeling for babies. 

bath toys

Bath toys help babies to develop their hand strength by  squeezing water out of their toys. Furthermore, some of these toys can be stackes on top of each other, which on the other hand, help babies to develop cause and effect skills during playtime/ bath time.

stacking cups and rings

Babies loves to stack toys on top of each other. This stacking and nesting activity teaches babies on solving problems using trial and error, thus helping in the development of their brains. Furthermore, they can also be able to learn about size differences through stacking the toys from biggest to smallest. 


These toy blocks helps babies to develops their motor skills for sitting and playing. Moreover, these educational toy can also teach infants to build their first small tower, which is crucial in their brain's development. 

learning plush

These plush toys are not only adorable, they also includes many learning games to teach small children about various different colors, vocabulary words and animals. Furthermore, some of these toys can even be personalized to say and spell the child's name.   

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