Useful gadgets to win everything at Pokemon Go

Useful gadgets to win everything at Pokemon Go

By avatarRyan92

Like many of you, I have also been dragged into one of my childhood fantasies when Pokemon GO came out and I suddenly found myself walking on the sidewalks of Orchard Road to catch as many Pokemons as possible on my phone.

It didn’t take me too long to realize that, in order to stay outside for hours, in the chase of the rare Snorlax, I had to prepare not just mentally, but also physically for the challenge. Hence, I put together a list of products that could support me during my Poke Hunts.

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First of all, you have to consider to stay outside, under the sun, for hours and that demands that you stay hydrated. Worst scenario is that you faint right before catching a Magmar. So, bring a handy water bottle with you and you will be just fine.

Given all the miles that you will be consuming on the streets of Singapore, you want to make sure you track every little step. Consider to wear a Fitbit, which will be extremely accurate in measuring your miles and rewarding you with data and insights. Who could have even thought that chasing Dratini, Ponyta and Vulpix would keep you in shape?

Sadly, I have also heard that sometimes a Pokemon expedition can be ruined by the wrong encounter, especially for some girls who get harassed by strangers on the street. In these situations, a little bit of precaution can turn out to be very useful, so consider to bring with you a pepper spray in case it gets really bad.

Back to our gadgets, you absolutely need to bring a strong power bank with you. You don’t want to give up on a rare Onix and be forced to lock yourself into a bar to plug in your phone while the others get it instead of you. Some power banks are incredible powerful and yet elegant and pretty light to carry around.

For those ones who want to go to the next level, I strongly suggest the Nintendo Pokemon GO Plus: a small watchband device that allows you to catch Pokemons by simply pushing a button, without even taking out your phone. This device is extremely rare since the demand exceeded even the most optimistic forecasts. However, you might still be able to find some.

Sometimes, I embraced the idea of jumping on a bike in order to move faster through the traffic and catch more Pokemons in one go. It is a very effective way to catch these little monsters faster and beat your friends on time. But cycling around with your phone in your hand might result difficult and quite dangerous. So I went online and looked for a good Bike phone mount.


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