Upping Your Multimedia Game This 2018

Upping Your Multimedia Game This 2018

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Multimedia production has been with us from the dawn of film and television. But it’s only when the internet became accessible to the masses that consumption was driven to all-time highs. If you are wary of creating something that will turn just into waste, you have to up your game now.

Competition is tough. But it is more important to keep your audience is mind. And, of course, do not lose your soul along the way.

Here are a few hacks to jazz up your multimedia content while upgrading your skills as well:

Use a device you are comfortable with

Beginners, do not stress yourself out. If you cannot yet afford to buy and use expensive equipment, then look at what you have. Is it a mobile phone? A laptop? 

Many people have already gone this path before you. Personally, I started shooting scenery with my smartphone. I drilled the basics of photography in my head before I decided to switch up. That is, to finally graduate to a mirrorless camera. 

Experiment with tools

It used to sound a bit vague to me when experts say “this is my go-to app for something”. I thought that line was reserved for the pros. However, as I kept experimenting with various tools for editing photos and videos, among other things, I realized something. That statement was just the natural result of trying new things.

What happens when you seek out tools on your own is that you find out one of them works for you. If you haven’t yet, keep going. My go-to apps for editing are Lightroom Mobile and VSCOx. But I also tinkered with Snapseed, A Color Story, and even Fotorus. That’s how I ended up with more suitable tools for my work today. Still, I am not limiting myself to the two I mentioned.

Here's a VSCOx edit by the way:

Take courses

Invest in yourself. There are many crash courses on mobile and DSLR photography online. Video editing, animation, and graphic design can be studied as standalone subjects in some formal institutions. But it is highly likely you will find an individual or organization offering masterclasses to cover these skills. 

Assess your current bandwidth and see which learning strategy will work for you and benefit you in the long run. I recommend going for a free massive online open course first to gauge your capacity. But if you want to challenge yourself, find a legitimate program, pay for certification, and stick to it. 

Keep reading, watching, observing

To know the pulse of the audience you are trying to reach, you must be an observer. Avoid making generalizations and judgment. One way to do that is to use data. Netflix does this well as it customizes streaming options for its users.

 There are many other materials online and offline to help you decide which type of multimedia content to create for your target readers, listeners, or viewers. Build a library of resources for yourself. And if you are feeling generous, share it with others.

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