Travel Products that Keep your Look Stunning

Travel Products that Keep your Look Stunning

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Travelling can be fun but it takes time and effort to look glam and stunning amidst all the travels. You wouldn’t wanna look sloppy in your photos, yea? With the products mentioned below, looking glam during your travels will no longer be too far-fetched!

First up! There is the Foreo Luna Play, which is a battery-operated facial cleansing device that is really compact and convenient. It comes in different colours for one to choose from. The T-sonic technology adopted with the silicone bristles, constitutes to the best cleansing device option for all skin types.

For those who have difficulty sleeping while travelling due to adaptation issues, take a look at this Catbird After Hours Travel Candle. This pint-sized scent is also very compact, thus can be easily brought along to basically anywhere! They have lids on them, making it very safe to store in your bags. There are many different scents available, so just take your pick!

Hygiene is very important when one visits another country. Water may not be readily available for one to wash their hands when it gets dirty, especially in less developed countries. But fret not, with Aesop Resurrection Rinse Free Hand Wash, it is able to eliminate bacteria and is extremely light, making it very apt for travelling. There is a lovely smell after “washing” and hands can be moisturized by its natural ingredients. There are different smell - lavender and mandarin orange which has therapeutic effect for the users.

Ladies out there, behold! Be sure to have one of these Sphynx Travel Razor. This is a smart three-in-one product that has water, shea butter-based bar and then the razor cartridge. Firstly users are to spritz water on their skin first.

Afterwich, use shea butter-based bar to moisturize desired areas, and then proceed on to shaving with the razor cartridge. What a simple and convenient shaving tool! Keeping your skin moisturized is key to looking stunning. It’s one of the basic steps to achieve the glam look. With the Touch in Sol Moisturizer it contains amazing ingredients that can help to deliver moisture immediately to your skin.

Lastly, look at this Nurse Jamie Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow that helps to fight wrinkles and is greatly adored by famous actresses Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Alba. The ergonomics of this pillow is perfectly designed to suit different kinds of sleepers, with a silk pillowcase that will help to minimize signs of aging.


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