Toys for your little kitten

Toys for your little kitten

By avatarscrubz

Toys play an important role in the development of every kitten's mind. Depriving him with toys can result in a difficulty in learning to play them as they mature. Today, there are a variety of toys that are being offered on the market--from fun yarn ball to laser toys. However, as with children, it is important for cat owners to check on the type of toys that you'd be buying. Chances are your kitten will love playing with a plastic cup much better than your newly-bought expensive toy. 

Meanwhile, when choosing the perfect toy for your fur kid consider these:


Although a furry mice toys can be tempting to play, be careful about giving your cat these toys. Most mice toys have plastic eyes and nose glued onto them. And I'm pretty sure you don't want your precious cat to swallow these small parts which might possibly lead to choking. Thus, when considering in buying these toys, be sure to remove the eyes and nose to avoid any inconveniences. 


As with children, the size of a toy is very important to consider when buying toys for your cat. Very small items such as marbles is not a good idea to give for your cat, these items can cause choking that might lead to surgical procedures. Instead, consider buying toys or balls the size of a ping-pong ball, with this you can make sure your cat will not be able to swallow the toy and can also be very fun for them. 


Catnips are commonly not noticed by small kittens under 6 months of age, so it is preferable not to introduce these items with them until they are old enough.


Although remote-controlled toys are not dangerous, you still want to check on those battery operated toys to ensure that they would not be able to chew those batteries which may lead to serious medical problems. Make sure that the batteries have proper cover to ensure that your cat could not possibly get the battery out.


Although it is enticing to wiggle your hands to your cat, still it is a bad practice to teach your kitten. Besides, you don't think this is still fun when your cat's claws and teeth started to grow.

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