Top-Listed Filipino Vegetable Dishes

Top-Listed Filipino Vegetable Dishes

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Many Filipinos are a vegetable lover that is why plenty are culturing primary vegetables just right in their backyard. Spices, bush, vine and leafy veggies, name it. So, at times when they need some for cooking, they can pick it fresh from the yard.

Filipinos' love for vegetables had lead to the discovery of different recipes that have been taste-bud-requested from then until now such as:


There are different versions of pinakbet but the common denominator is that it is a sautéed and shriveled mix of vegetables such as squash, string beans, ladyfingers, eggplants and bitter gourd. Others use shrimp paste to enhance the flavor but some don't. It can also be added with meat, seafood or tofu.

Mongo (Mung Bean Stew)

This mung bean rich recipe is added with meat slices, spices, squash and moringa leaves. Those are the very basic ingredients but it can be nutritiously richer with eggplant, bitter gourd, string beans, ladyfingers, bottle gourd, and spinach. However, Ilocanos' recipe adds leaves and florets of squash, bitter gourd, and moringa. They also love to eat moringa fruits when mixed in mung bean stew. Others even love to mix coconut syrup in the soup.


A soup that doesn't require much of a cooking twist. It is just a simmered spices and vegetables until cooked. It includes squash, string beans, pigeon pea, eggplant, lady finger, bottle gourd, spinach, and moringa. Cooked together until it generously makes the soup flavourful. Others mix it with meat or a fried dried fish but it is also yummier to cook it separately. Then, eat it together.

Ginisang Sitaw

It is a simple sauté recipe with spices, string beans (as the major ingredient) and meat. It can be any meat - pork, beef, fish, chicken, squid, shrimp or even tofu. Sautéed until the string beans get cooked and crunchy.

Lumpiang Ubod

It is like a vegetable version of Shanghai roll. Although it still mixed with ground meat, pork or beef usually, but the main ingredient here is a palm heart. It is sauteed first with carrot, Baguio beans and spices before being wrapped in spring roll wrappers for frying.

Ginataang Langka

Langka means a jackfruit and yes, it can be a dish too. An unripe jackfruit is the main ingredient for this recipe. Although jackfruit isn't a vegetable, unripe one has vegetable attributes and that is the reason why.  This is a very simple recipe wherein spices and unripe jackfruit is simmered in coconut milk. Added with fried dried anchovies and that is all it needs.


This time, these are fried balls of vegetables instead of ground meat. The main ingredient here is a finely chopped banana blossom mixed with a grated carrot and potato (optional), then, a finely chopped garlic and onion. It cannot be formed into balls without the egg and flour though.

Bicol Express

Bicol has been known for its signature hot and spicy dishes. Bicol express is sautéed pork, then, simmered in a coconut milk and coconut cream. Tossed in with the hottest Thai chili peppers to bring a rich, creamy, spicy and delicious taste.

Ginataang Puso ng Saging

This is cooked in the same way the ginataang langka is cooked but the main ingredient here is a chopped banana blossom which is an ideal food for ginataan (thickened coconut milk) lovers.

Tortang Talong

Torta means omelet while talong means eggplant. Simple eggplant omelet but Filipino style of making it starts by partly grilling the eggplant. Peel it off before mixing into the scrambled egg. Then, fry.

Boiled Okra

This is the most convenient food that requires no further cooking at all but a simple boiling of the ladyfingers. When it gets soften, it is served with a fish paste to dip on and is usually eaten as a breakfast food.

Ginataang Takway

If taro is existing in your place, you are assured to have food to serve in times when you run out of stocks in the cupboard. Paklay is a recipe that is deliciously made of taro buds, simmered in a bit of water and a coconut milk. Spice it up and it's ready for serving.

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