Top 7 Filipino Foods that Foreigners are Challenged to Eat

Top 7 Filipino Foods that Foreigners are Challenged to Eat

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Filipinos are indeed resourceful. There are many advanced discoveries that have been usual to them not by technology but when it comes to foods. There are lots of edible stuff which other races may have never known about it.

Since Filipinos are known for their remarkable hospitality, foreign races would love to visit the Philippines and meet the citizens. Some are going to meet friends and colleagues, and usually, they are challenged to eat foods that are ultimately new to their taste.

Few of which are:


is known as the King of the Philippine fruit. It may smell strong but taste heavenly as they said. And yes, in fact, it really did. Especially hybrid varieties that ripen just enough. Local and foreign tourists may find it unpleasant as it smells but just dare to take a nibble and you will surely ask for some more.


comes from a root word “dugo” which means blood. Hence, dinuguan is  “a stewed pork offal in a pig's blood “. It comes with mini slices of the pig's ears, snout, kidney, lungs, intestines, and heart. Simmered well in a pig’s blood until the blood turns chocolaty brown and thick. It sounds weird and nauseating though but the taste is super delicious.


It is a developing duck egg that is very prevalent street food in the country. Balut is so loved by Filipinos but not all though especially when they see the chick inside. Much more when they taste that hairy and bony little creature but for balut lovers, eating balut won’t be that yummiest if you won’t eat the chick. It brings a unique taste out of an egg.


The local name for the small intestine is isaw. In the country, when you heard the word isaw, it is understood to refer to the small intestine of a chicken. Way back before, it is sold on the street barbecues but now deep fried isaw is way yummier than the barbecue. Dipped in the unique sauce which is mainly cooked from banana ketchup but If you are a vinegar addict then, I must say, it is great with that salted spicy vinegar.

Chicken Head

which is usually not eaten in foreign countries but is loved in the Philippines. After being dressed, the wattles, comb, beak, and lashes are taken away and are not eaten. What’s best to eat from it is the brain. Sounds a bit zombie-like but tasting it brings you to other perception about eating a chicken’s head instead of putting it into waste.

Chicken Feet

is cooked either barbecue, deep fry or adobo (a Filipino cuisine which comes with a simmered meat into a soy sauce). Any recipe from the above greatly brings the taste you wouldn’t stop at one. Same with the isaw, barbecue chicken feet are sold as a street food with a cooked and improved taste of banana ketchup. Deeply fried chicken feet may go with the same sauce but salted spicy hot vinegar is also best. Like an adobo chicken feet, deep fried and barbecue can also be eaten with rice.

Liver Barbecue

You may be a fan of yummy barbecues especially during picnics and getaways but in the Philippines, there is this liver barbecue that they love to eat. It is usually sold in the streets at a very affordable price. It can be chicken, beef or pork liver but whichever it may be, llver barbecue is so yummy.

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