Top 6 Yoga Poses for Two People

Top 6 Yoga Poses for Two People

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Two they say, is always better than one, and also, the more the merrier, right? This is especially true of the two-person yoga because yoga in itself is a unique and amazing practice that is very cool to watch and perform. It also packs a huge range of physical and health benefits. Plus, the two-person yoga goes beyond the intended uniting of mind and body to also uniting two people, body and mind.

It creates an endearing environment for two people to open up and communicate better as well as build up more intimacy since the practice is already quite intimate anyway. Since yoga is fast becoming a household trend, every couple or pair that need some bonding time can just as easily hop on the bandwagon and get things skyrocketing quickly.

Two person yoga works significantly through specific rhythmic movements and poses combined with breathing, touching and a healthy dose of relaxation.

Two Person Yoga Poses 

The two-person yoga is an interesting practice that can spice up any relationship that has delved into the routine. It is a must do if the spark is to be reignited among couples, family or friends. So, here are a few posts that should be easy to achieve with little challenges along the way that result in an overwhelming satisfaction of the process. 

1. Twin Tree Asana: 

The pose works basically with balance and focus, the partners stand a few feet apart, side by side and facing the same direction. Then extend their arms so that the left palm is touching the right palm with the elbow bent forming like a T shape. Let weights rest on the inner left and right legs of both partners while lifting and placing ankle of the outer right and left leg in the thigh of the rooted legs. Balance the pose for about ten seconds and switch positions.

2. Partner Twist Asana: 

This pose is awesome for detoxification processes and helps couples get rid of pent-up anger and frustration, together. The partners are to seat back to back with legs crossed at the ankles, then begin with arms rested on thighs. 

While maintaining a steady breathing rhythm, reach arms overhead, slowly stretching out spine while holding an inhaled breath. Exhale slowly and twist to the right placing right hand on the partners left knee. Hold the position for five to ten seconds and repeat in the alternating position, every action being mirrored by both partners.

3. Partner Forward-Fold Asana: 

This works perfectly as a nerve calmer. It can be achieved with partners seated and facing each other with legs wide apart and feet touching. Hold opposite forearms, inhale and exhale as each partner takes turn folding forward from the hip while the other leans backwards from the hip too, maintaining a straight spine, hold for a bit and then loosen the grip and seat upright. Alternate the pose.

4. Temple Asana: 

This is effective in opening up the shoulders and chest, partners stand to face each other, inhale, extending hands overhead and hinging forward until both hands touch. Then slowly folding forward from the waist until the elbows rest against themselves and the heads are inches apart with torso facing the ground. Slowly reverse the pose after holding for a few seconds.

5. Hollow Back Asana: 

This pose appears hard but is really easy when the hang of it is gotten. So, one partner stays in a handstand position with the standing upright facing away from each other. Slowly begin making hollow shapes with the back with the standing partner holding on to the hand standing partners legs. Hold for a couple of seconds and then switch positions. 

6. Assisted Backbend Asana: 

This pose opens up the heart and back and balances up with some level of playfulness between the partners. To achieve this, partners should stand back to back with elbows hooked. One partner bends knees and leans forward while the other leans back until feet are lifted off the floor. Alternate roles and laugh a little.

The essence of partner or two-person yoga is that the couple gets to move together, syncing and uniting in the most simple and fluid ways possible. It is incredible for communication since it opens up channels in the body that were not even known to open up and allows partners to let go.

Benefits of Two Person Yoga

There are several benefits of 2 person yoga but here are a few: 

* Support: 

It caters to both the physical and emotional needs in every and all relationships. The poses in two-person yoga demand that both partners be fully engaged and geared with the process to create the poses together, achieving and maintaining balance and focus. It teaches trust and dependency in and on one another.

* Intimacy: 

Yoga is definitely an intimate act on its own so sharing the practice between two people would definitely brew a huge amount of intimacy. The poses bring partners closer in a relaxing and fun kind of way.

* Balance: 

Every relationship goes through many seasons including the one-sided moments that introduce doubt and insecurities, where partners become guarded, defensive and inconsiderate. Two person yoga allows both partners to work together equally to achieve a balance that makes the poses work and can be translated into the relationship.

* Trust: 

Dependency is a major key in being able to trust another person and two-person yoga tests interdependency. It opens both partners up to the reality that they can be vulnerable with themselves and not be taken for granted or treated sorely for it. Just by being there when need be.

* Difference: 

Yoga channels focus on the mind and body but two person yoga goes further to help partners see through another eye thereby getting to know one’s self even better. The process also spurs self-esteem and self-awareness because seeing one’s self through another’s eyes tends to showcase strengths that were not seen before.

* Moments: 

Two person yoga is really a give and take process where the thought is what counts. The focus is on the doing and not on what is being done, this allows couples to have genuine fun with themselves thereby creating moments that turn into lasting memories.

The two-person yoga works in any and every type of relationship, the key is to find a rhythm that works and flow with it. There is nothing like a good dose of two-person yoga to loosen up, communicate better and trust more. But do not forget you need to arm yourselves with equipment such as yoga mat, yoga socks, a towel, yoga wheel, pant or short, hair ties or hand bands and yoga straps amongst others.

The two-person yoga is very efficient in its capacity but can also be as much fun as possible. Couples, friends or family members can go on a choice routine or challenge to make sure the sparks continue the fly as they practice yoga. Set challenges by researching two person yoga poses and randomly picking out the seemingly easy ones and progressing to the obviously harder ones and trying to achieve them together. 

This is how the two-person yoga works, there will be lots and lots of sweating, grunting, flexing, stretching, falling and most importantly and paramount to the process is the laughing and intimacy that is to be achieved from the practice.

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