TOP 5: Gift Ideas for your Couple Friends

TOP 5: Gift Ideas for your Couple Friends

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Do you have tons of couple friends? If you do, then you know how much of a struggle it is to think of something to give them during special occasions like Christmas, New Year, Anniversary, etc. Well, this is your lucky day because I have a list that will solve your problem. Here are 5 gift ideas that you can give to your couple friends that I’m pretty sure they will love. Hope this helps! 

1. Vista International’s Double Umbrella 

Vista International is a widely known manufacturer of different umbrella design and purpose since the early 1990’s up to this date. They have also been producing a lot of useful indoor and outdoor products for both children and adults. 

This umbrella one of the recent innovations made by the company. It features a distinct type of umbrella with two canopies extended by two shafts connected into one handle that easily glides open with a single push of a button.

The purpose of this umbrella is to offer wide shade against the immense outdoor heat or to cover a wide area from pouring rain. It is also ideal for couples which save time, money, space and effort. A compact and economical design is ideal rather than getting a single umbrella for each traveling person.

2. ChiliPad Cube’s Heating and Cooling Pad

Experience a good night's sleep with ChiliPad Cube Single Zone Heating and Cooling Pad. 

The ChiliPad Cube delivers precise temperature control so you can adjust it to your preferred setting. Use it as a cooling pad during hot and humid weather and a heating pad during the cold. All in just one pad! It uses a water-based cooling system that actively circulates water through a series of micro-tubes. This innovative product creates the perfect sleep environment that will surely give you the best sleep. 

On top of that, the ChiliPad cube conveniently fits your existing mattress. It is excellent for people who have trouble sleeping at night. No more twisting and turning and sleepless nights with the ChiliPad Cube.

3. Big Joe’s XXL Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair

This earth-friendly chair is full of spongy and long-lasting up-cycle fun foam to make it super comfortable and long lasting. Simply re-fuf it again and again to regain your desired puffiness. Perfect for Game Rooms, Record Room, Dorm Room, the perfect seat for Netflix and binge-watching night. 

All you need to do is to seat and understand exactly what it means to have the most comfortable seat you'll ever have. With a wide range of available colors that will surely be a match to your decors. The hardest part of having this bean bag chair is convincing yourself to get out of it.

4. DuVino’s King Beer Queen Wine Glass Gift Set

This is only one of the many unique and fun set of wine and beer glasses from Duvino. The company’s usual designs emboss funny and hilarious content from jokes, memes, and humorous literature.

The product is dishwasher safe, does not fade or chip and guaranteed to last and serve you for years. The beer glass has about 16 ounces capacity and the exquisite wine glass with about 12.75 ounces. It is ideal for as a memorable gift or souvenir which makes it great for collections, gifts or using for fun occasions such as bachelorette, bridal, housewarming or just your casual home party.

5. Intex PureSpa

This Portable Spa Set gives you the power to spoil yourself anytime, anywhere. It features a built-in heating system, an ultra-efficient and durable bubble jet that covers the outer layer of the set. The bubble jet is also responsible for providing you with a relaxing and soothing massage. 

The Spa Set requires minimal effort in set-up and assembly. Highly relevant features such as the heating system can be controlled which makes it great for finding the right temperature you want. It offers a size that could fit up to 4 adults. The set also comes with an easy-carry bag for transportation and storage.



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