Top 4 Realistic Action Figures From THE WALKING DEAD

Top 4 Realistic Action Figures From THE WALKING DEAD

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If you love action figures -- especially the realistic kind -- you know you need them to be of pristine condition, almost mint-style and oftentimes sitting on a shelf where no one will ever touch them. This isn't G.I. Joe or Barbie by any stretch. Those can have the Kung Fu grip, and you'll often break a limb while having Duke duke it out with Ken or get fresh with the blondie all day long. The thing is these real-deal action figures aren't for playing as much as they are for admiring. Admiring what, though?

You admire their authenticity -- you want them to look lifelike

If they're not, they're cheap. The Walking Dead show is anything but cheap.

So in case you're busy looking around toy stores for some decent offerings on some action figures and figurines that have to do with the characters of The Walking Dead, take note: Superble has them right here, starting off with....

Remember Merle? Of Course You Do.

You'll notice that this is a collector's model. And while Merle stands on a stand with a severed leg (of course), there's no doubt the man's in action to do something -- something bad. Just look at how realistic that actually is. We're thinking Merle's not feeling too well at all, wondering if he's been turned. Has he? Brain's a little fuzzy at how the seasons progressed. Whatever the case, this is just like the TV show.

Not Nearly as Realistic as Daryl Dixon, Right?

Now we're getting into some action here with the platform completely gone and the guy equipped with what he loves the most. Several things, actually: Daryl can wield a crossbow, dagger, or gun. Whatever you choose. It doesn't matter. The only thing Daryl cares about is killing some zombies.

Take a Look at This Closeup of Glenn, Though

You just can't beat detail like that. It's the real deal. When an artist and manufacturer goes this far to emanate the drama and style of THE WALKING DEAD, it's a keeper. Glenn, to be exact, is a keeper -- especially if he's aiming his piece at a zombie coming after you.

And Then, Finally, Mr. Negan Himself

And you've got everything switched out for a different feel -- two difference Lucilles, a hatchet, a gun, and four different kinds of "hands" to go with him. He's the pinnacle of the series, and you never know: this may be the last you'll ever see of Negan, so enjoy this while it lasts. He's a true-blue action figure in the vein of THE WALKING DEAD.

And You can see the detail clear as day or night, even surrounded by the undead

That's why if you're a fan, and you've boarded your doors and windows to protect yourself, having the action figures with you make it that much more realistic. Enjoy it while you can, because as it may be, the next season will most likely introduce something completely new. Until then, enjoy your favorite characters. They will be icons unless they already are in your hearts.

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