Tired of A Messy and Dirty Home? Clean Up Using These Tricks

Tired of A Messy and Dirty Home? Clean Up Using These Tricks

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I’ve been trying to outsource housekeeping since I became busy at work. But there are a few things I need to organize before I let a stranger wander into our home. So I started cleaning the kitchen last Sunday. I got rid of old plates and utensils. Scrubbed the sink and gas range clean. Now I’m thinking of ways to handle the more challenging case of our countertop, drawers, and hanging cabinet. 

Ugh, I cannot seem to stop anymore. I have become addicted to minimizing what we use in the kitchen, letting go of almost everything. And yet, I have barely scratched the surface. I need to do the same thing in the living and dining area, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, and even the wash area! 

I guess you can say I got tired of the mess and dirt. And in dealing with them, I have realized that cleaning up is actually good for my mental health. Although it sometimes triggers an obsessive-compulsive behavior--there’s that uncontrollable itch to keep things clean and in order.

Anyway, because of this experience, I feel like I’m more equipped to do housekeeping on my own. I’d just like to share with you a few tricks I’ve learned in the past few days:

Section the area you’re cleaning

In cleaning the sink, imagine there’s a grid. By working your way across that grid, you ensure that you don’t miss a spot. When it comes to the cooking range, you can apply the same technique and then do it by parts. Wipe the lid first, then move to the cooktop parts, and then end with the oven. Compared to just wiping areas in random, this more orderly style lets you see which spots also need more attention. You can then distribute your energy accordingly. Use a trusty microfiber cloth for better coverage.

Keep separate multi-purpose cleaners for the bathroom and remaining areas

Just because it says multi-purpose does not mean the product can be used in all parts of your home. You can check out reviews or ask for recommendations on which brand is best for cleaning the living room and kitchen. I favor Zim for cleaning marble tops, wooden tile floor, furniture, and appliances. I also like the scents it comes with. Currently, I bought the antibacterial one for its fresh, clean smell. 

However, I don’t like bringing Zim in the bathroom. And although I like that it leaves the room smelling nice and clean, I still prefer the strong odor that comes from Mr Muscle. It is also a tough stain remover and leaves the bathroom tiles looking whiter and cleaner. Since there is a separate multi-purpose cleaner outside the bath, I don’t have to bring out Mr Muscle to clean for, say, the dining table. 

Freshen up the air with a floral scent

Aside from calming your senses, a floral scent also removes the chemical smell that comes off the cleaner. The atmosphere now feels more natural when you’re sniffing something like lavender in the room. I like the variants of Glade Sensations. But that is just for the bathroom (I do like keeping separate things for the bathroom and other areas). 

In the living area and my bedroom, I light incense sticks that also emit a lavender scent. I alternate that with jasmine when I feel like it.

Not only does the floral scent put you on meditative mood, it actually connects you to memories of a cleaner home. When you light it up again and things are messier or dirtier, you will more likely be driven to put them back into their more organized and cleaner state.

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