Tips For Having an Exceptional Hair Salon

Tips For Having an Exceptional Hair Salon

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Since the inception of hair salons, a special bond between clients and their hair stylists has been observed, in this scenario, barbers. Most men irrespective of race or age will at one time require a haircut and hair salons cater to such needs. With the advent of technological advancement, it’s presently possible for one to have almost any hairstyle desired. Clients request has never been so dynamic in this present age; hair colour change alongside custom haircuts with designs or patterns. The haircut business is no longer a profession, it’s an art.

You could choose to own a hair salon as a manager or as a hair stylist but, there’s always going to be competition. What do you require to be on top of your game? It is by acting on a quality advice. It's not just about capital. To make your hair salon more appealing to clients, you should follow the following tips. They are: 


I’m no priest but, the gospel of having an outstanding staff at your disposal is always a plus. If you aim to go solo with the business, fine. But it’s best to employ other barbers or hairstylists; this is highly required if you want profit boosts. It matters most especially in cases where your presence won’t be available. There should be a cordial relationship between your staff and customers. Men, generally do not like switching barbershops. Once they patronise one and are satisfied, that bond is forged for life, they’ll even bring their kids.

If you are trying to save cost and spend only on key things, do not flinch at the cost of employing effective, resourceful and honourable staff. It will tell on reviews of your service. Rudeness, lateness to work and other unpleasant behaviours will not only tarnish the image of your hair salon but, it will significantly reduce patronage.

Employing cheap labour will cost you a lot in the long run. Wages paid to your staff do not necessarily have to be high, just ensure that your hair salon has qualified staff that are proficient in their duties and have decent characters. Don’t be penny wise and pounds foolish.


These are fundamental equipment that you should keep in mind. They include:

- Electric hair clippers (one detachable, one adjustable)

- A T-blade trimmer

- Clipper case

- Straight razor for close shaves

- Clipper accessories

- Adjustable barber chair

- Mirror

- Appliances: blow dryer, towel warmer, sterilising machine, fans and air conditioner. Others include brush, hot towels, neck duster, cape, sprays, hair dye, oils etc.

For efficient and effective service, the barber should possess these aforesaid tools. The sterilising machine is one of the most important of all. In order to keep not only your patrons but yourself safe from contagious diseases, it’s a must-have. The average man will always observe if the clipper has been sterilised before being placed on his head. If one visits a hair salon for a haircut and has itches and bumps the next day, be sure that such a person will not only ever patronise such a shop but will also discourage people from visiting such a salon.

One must also note that not all clients visit the hair salon for haircuts. Some may require hair wash or hair shapeups. The T blade trimmers come handy in this section. They are very effective in delicate works such as touchups, outlining and necklines. Based on their gentle purpose, they come either corded or cordless and are quite light in weight.

Hair is not found only on the head. There’s also facial hair to deal with. This is where having a razor comes in. this barber tool helps to neatly shave moustaches or beards, giving the customer a tidy, fresh facial look. But hey! It’s a hair salon, not an abattoir. One can’t just take a straight razor and start butchering your patron’s skin. There must be prep work. This involves hot towels and pre-shave oil to moisten the skin and allowing a smooth shave without injuries. Having all these tools without the barber chair and the mirror is like having a car with no engine.

Try imagining sitting on a rigid wooden chair and staring at the wall while getting a haircut. Scary, right? I’m sure most people like looking at the mirror from start to finish during a haircut session. The famous adjustable barber chair has features that allow the hair stylist to bring the client to the most comfortable height for him or her to work. The swivel feature allows the client to be turned to face the mirror and see results after the cut.

As said earlier, shaving is also part of the barbing business. Here, the chair has a recline feature that allows the barber to deliver a neat shave to the face and neck of the client comfortably. If you don’t have a mirror, you’re not ready for this sort of business. As this is what patrons use to appraise your skills as a barber or the skills of your employed staff.

Now, I don’t think anyone would appreciate getting a haircut with all the hair littering not the floor but the clothes and body. That sight would not be pleasant. Get in tune with your inner Batman and get a cape for your clients. Not to fight the crime of course but for them to be secure from loose hair falling on their clothes or body. This sleeveless clothing provides comfort for the client and reduces the chance of getting stained clothes which can result from shaving, hair wash, hair dye etc. There’s a trendy cape in vogue, made with a transparent plastic circle in its middle. It allows the client to interact with his or her electronic device while getting the hair done. This includes phones, tablets, handheld game consoles, etc. No longer will one have to surf the sea of boredom or feeling twinge of anxiety due to the inability to reply chats while styling your hair in the hair salon.


“Cleanliness is next to godliness” it’s said. Your salon should not be looking for a spa for rats. Littered hair, spills and others should be cleaned immediately to maintain that elegant look. This will appeal to the average customer and boost profits. Endeavour to have dustbins and mops. By keeping your shop clean, it paves the way for raising your salon reviews and attracting clients.


The primary aim of the hair salon is to give the client the joy and confidence that comes with that fresh, beautiful hair but that’s no excuse to establish an unattractive salon. The decision of a client to patronise your hair salon is usually made before even stepping in. It’s just about taking care of the hair you may think. Why not just place hair on salon’s roof? Surely, that should say a lot about what you are offering.

Don’t neglect the aspect of interior decoration either. Apart from having a gorgeously painted hair salon with eye-catching features such as colourful lights, beautiful signboard e.t.c., if your budget allows it, one could upgrade by having flat screen TVs installed, audio systems or even video games. This is guaranteed to pile up numbers of patrons. Having such electronics installed will make your hair salon more appealing to youths and kids making your salon pleasing to people of all ages.

Adhering to these tips will provide you with a classy hair salon enviable to competitors but, it’s also imperative to have fire extinguishers and running water available. Disasters are destructive unforeseen events, better safe than sorry.   

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