Three Types of Self-Care While Decluttering

Three Types of Self-Care While Decluttering

By avatarmmoo

Most of the time, people make excuses for not decluttering. They find it difficult, time-consuming and not fun at all. But do you know what will help you in the process? Self-care!

Let me explain it more clearly. Self-care during the process of decluttering is the key to success, especially if you find decluttering and organizing a great challenge.

I would be lying to you if I tell you that I enjoy decluttering and organizing every single day. Who loves cleaning up? If you want to make things easier, self-care is essential.

There are three types of self-care that I am talking about in the process of decluttering. 

First: Have someone to help you.

I always say this and it is always true: two is better than one. Better yet, three is better than two! It is just so much more fun to have other people join us in everything we do, especially when it is something as challenging as decluttering.

Do you have a friend near you that can pay you a visit? In turn, you can also pay her a visit when it's her time to declutter.

Second: Have some snacks!

If it works for you, taking breaks is beneficial. The reason why I asked "if it works for you" is because it doesn't work for me sometimes. Taking breaks to rest causes me to feel lazy and not continue cleaning up. I will end up taking a shower and going to bed to rest.

But of course, if we are talking about taking breaks to eat, I am so up for that! I love snacks!

A few quick breaks to munch on some chips or cookies are helpful to give our much-needed energy boost. Pick up some delicious snacks that you are going to munch on! If you have someone to help you declutter, get some snacks for him or her too.

Third: Have some music.

I don't know about you, but I love music even while I am working. Music is a must-have for me. I understand that not all people love to have some music around while they are working.

But for some, music helps uplift the soul and energize the body. It is able to encourage you more than you realize! Try it. Music can be so uplifting and able to distract your mind from all the negative thoughts when you are decluttering.

How about you? Do you prefer having someone with you while decluttering? Do you like the addition of music? How about the addition of snacks?

Self-care is crucial.

If you are one of those people who find decluttering a great challenge, do not worry. There is always a solution to any problem.

So before you even start decluttering, call that friend that is willing to lend you a hand, go buy your favorite snacks, and turn the music up!

Thanks so much for reading.

Try these self-care tips and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t, do not worry. I’m sure you will find what will make decluttering easier and more fun for you.

I really like to help you get back to the basic and motivate you to slow things down so you can sit back and just enjoy every second. Stay with me on my minimalism journey and let’s making lasting changes together.

If are not yet convinced to go for the minimalist lifestyle, I encourage you to keep checking out my articles.

All the best! xx MM

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