This is the only diet you will ever need

This is the only diet you will ever need

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Deciding on the appropriate diet for weight loss can be a tough challenge for those without any experience or knowledge about nutritionism and weight management. Eating unbalanced diet can result in vitamins and minerals deficiency and cause all sort of troubles. Losing few extra kilos will, in that case, be least of your worries. 

Yet, many people like to follow a structured diet plan to lose weight. If you’re that person, continue reading this article, as I will introduce you to the diet that I personally follow and whose benefits are also confirmed by my doctor. Welcome to the wonderful world of alkaline diet. 

pH value of your body

The logic behind alkaline diet is that the food you eat can influence the level of alkalinity or acidity (the pH value) in your body. How is that possible? 

Let’s assume that you just ate a chocolate, a well-known acidic food. Your stomach and body will then start processing this food. In order to digest it and extract vitamins and minerals, your body will also have to spend energy, minerals and other ingredients. If at the end of this process your body losses more minerals then it gained, your pH level is disrupted and the body will react, spend additional essential minerals such as calcium to restore the equilibrium and leave you worse off. This imbalance happens with eating too acidic food and can increase your body’s susceptibility to illness. 

At the same time, eating alkaline food helps your body by providing invaluable vitamins and minerals. You are generally better off after your body digest alkaline food. Most nutritionists suggest that the daily food intake should consist of at least 60-70% of the alkaline food. 

Alkaline and acidic food

Alkaline food consists mostly of fruits, vegetables and some nuts that promote alkalinity of your body. Even without knowing what alkaline diet is, you probably knew that eating these foods is good for your health. Think of mushrooms, apples, almonds, bananas, orange, broccoli, green beans, celery, spinach etc. 

Next principle is to try to eat a good part of your food raw as cooking takes away some of the minerals and removes alkalizing ingredients. You should also often make drinks from fruits and vegetables and potentially include alkaline water in your diet. 

When it comes to the acidic food, the list includes meat, poultry, fish, grains, pasta, rice, alcohol and most processed food. While processed food is surely something you don’t need, removing other types of acidic food from your diet could lead to vitamins and minerals deficiency. In that regard, it is essential to eat a balanced diet that would include roughly 30% of acidic food with alkaline food filling the majority of your plate. This way you will increase the intake of healthy food such as fruits and vegetables, but also meat and grains, and as a result, will experience improvements in many aspects of your life. 

Other kind of habits that can increase acidity in your body include chronic stress, antibiotic overuse, high caffeine consumption, drugs and alcohol use, lack of exercise as well as food coloring and preservatives. 

Benefits of alkaline food

While some critics dispute the theory behind the alkaline diet claiming that our body anyway regulates blood pH levels and that this cannot be affected via diet, it is worth noting that even despite this, alkaline diet is probably the healthiest and most sustainable diet out there. It will change your lifestyle and prevent you from getting lost kilograms back. 

Apart from this, eating fruits and vegetables has many health benefits. First of all, increasing intake of alkaline food will result in the preservation of your muscle mass and bone density and this is important especially for older people. Next, alkaline diet will lower your risk of hypertension and stroke, improve vitamin absorption and help strengthen the immune system and contribute to the cancer protection. 

Finally, and this is proven in my case, alkaline diet will result in weight loss. During six months of following this diet, I lost 9 kilos, had more energy and overall I felt better with frequent headaches becoming a thing of the past. 

I hope that I inspired you to start thinking about alkaline diet and eventually changing your diet accordingly. The internet is full of excellent resources on the alkaline diet and I invite you to read more on this topic while increasing your intake of fruits, vegetables and healthy nuts. 

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