Things to know before buying your first ukelele

Things to know before buying your first ukelele

By avatarKendySalvador

Are you deciding on buying your very first ukelele? Although it might look very tempting when you visit your local music shop, you might wanna consider this little tips to guide you through. So, first things first...

get a decent ukelele

This is the most important thing to consider when buying a ukelele, choosing a decent ukelele will not only make you satisfied but will also save you a lot of money for buying another ukelele just because the E string won't stay in tune. There are lots of good ukelele in the ranges of 100$, but it is sure that a 50$ ukelele doesn't sound that good (*I speak from my experience here). 

choosing the best type of ukelele for beginners 

There are four main types of ukelele: 

Soprano , about 20 inches or 51 cm, is the most basic among the types of ukelele, and also the size that most people associate the ukulele with, it also makes that real typical classic ukulele sound. Most recently, the Sopranissimo has also been gaining popularity among the ukelele players, with a size much smaller than the typical soprano type (16 inches or 40 cm).

One strip bigger is the Concert size, with a size of 23 inches or 58 cm. This type has a bigger body and a longer neck, giving more space between frets thus, making it a lot easier to handle.

Another type of ukelele is the Tenor size. It has a size of 26 inches, and is popularly used by most professional ukelele players. Its larger body makes the sound more deeper when compared with the soprano and tenor size, making it sounds like the classical guitar.

The last one and the largest among the ukelele types is the Baritone size at 30 inches or 76 cm. This one obviously has the deepest tone  among the ukelele types and sounds even more like a classical nylon stringed guitar. This type, however, is the least popular since most players prefer to  choose the ukulele for its size, portability and ukulele sound.  It also has a different tuning which is more likely of the guitar. 


Overall, it is important to do a little research before you buy your first ukelele. If possible go try the instrument first when you visit your local music store, or check reviews regarding the best type of uke that will work for your level, although I would prefer you use the tenor size. Also, keep in mind that choosing a 50$ uke rather than a cheaper 20$ uke makes a big difference,  it will not only make your life easier when it comes to tuning, intonation etc. but will also make it enjoyable to play. 

I hope this guide will help you a little bit to when choosing a good ukulele that you’ll enjoy playing!


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