Things Needed when you Own a Guitar

Things Needed when you Own a Guitar

By avatarEarlJamesE

There are several kinds of guitar - acoustic, electric, classical, etc. Real guitars don’t just cost a thousand but thousands. So, when you finally get one, also buy essentials for you and your guitar. Things that you needed to play it easily with comfort and things for your guitar to maintain your charm, oh! It’s the guitar's charm I mean.

What are the things that are top needed when you own a guitar then? I got a list here for you. I listed it for all my co-guitar enthusiasts, especially for the beginners. Welcome to our world!

  Guitar Strings 

Yes, definitely. You got strings upon buying that guitar but what I mean here is an extra set of strings. We cannot tell when your strings will break but surely it will not last up to years, just 5 months+ usually (it depends on how often you spend time playing with your guitar though), at least you are ready anytime.

However, changing strings isn’t just when the old ones break, sometimes, it is also a matter of preference like when do you feel to replace your old strings and feel the brand new harmony and chime in every strum. It makes difference, believe me.

  Guitar Capo 

To maximize the use of your guitar, grab one of this. There are metal and plastic types of capos but it both serve the same purpose anyway. It works by clipping the string on the fret bars to shorten it in order to produce a new nut. Using one makes a brighter and higher pitch.

  Guitar Tuner

Unlike the old times, now, we can perfectly fine-tune our guitar. Achieve a perfect pitch for each string with the use of this high tech device. It visually presents the level of a pitch for each string. There is no need to spend much time finding for the perfect pitch or asking from a pro to fine-tune yours but what you need is only a piece of this tuner. 

This works to any stringed instrument too.

  Guitar Pick

This isn’t much of a need but I think it is necessary to protect our finger and fingernails while strumming the guitar strings. Using such is a matter of choice but personally, I got pieces of guard picks. I cannot bear the hurt in every strum. One more thing that I like about using a guitar pick is the increased volume in every strum I do. Just a softer strum makes a louder volume than the usual.

  Guitar Polish

Playing the guitar brings harmonic ambiance and relaxing feeling. Make it on even without playing it by maintaining its glossy look. Keep its look as brand new as much as possible with a guitar polish and a soft or microfiber cloth. Wiping such can also hide those little scratches which inevitably scuff its shiny surface. 

  Lemon Oil (for guitar)

The same purpose with the guitar polish, however, this one is basically used to clean the fret bars or the fretboard. This is more convenient and is advisable to remove the pieces of dirt stuck on the fretboard of your guitar.

 Pickguard

Retaining that fresh look of the guitar starts with protecting it. One good step to make is to ensure a pickguard for it so you can prevent pick marks on your guitar under those strings. If you don’t have an idea about it, it will only look like a simple design but it is, in fact, more than that. See it? It doesn’t just guards but also embellishes the look of the guitar. 

Hope you find it helpful. Thank You!!!

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