The Truth Unveiled. Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

The Truth Unveiled. Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

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Ever wondered if you can give your dogs a slice of watermelon as a treat since you think that watermelons are so good that you just have to share it with your cute dog? Again, can dogs eat watermelon? Then wonder no more, because you can! Just imagine, on a hot day, you and your trusty adorable dog hanging at your backyard, playing and just having fun with each other, and then when you tire yourselves out you can just munch on these red healthy delights and feel refreshed and satisfied. That would be such a great experience for a dog owner and the dog.

To further talk about the question, “can dogs eat watermelon?”, then let’s talk about what makes eating watermelon good for your dogs. 


There are lots benefits to your dog’s health that watermelons can give. Which some are: Watermelons contain vitamin A and potassium, these two nutrients are essential to dogs so that they can continue to be healthy and strong, and keep sickness and illnesses at bay. 

The reasons why vitamin A and potassium help a dog’s body and overall health, is because vitamin A help in maintaining the maintenance of teeth, their bones, and soft tissue, while also strengthening their immune system and keeping their mucous membranes in check. And then, potassium is required to have a healthy functioning heart and plays an important role in healthy normal digestion and muscle function. When a dog has a deficiency of potassium, they might experience symptoms such as nervous disorders, they would lose appetite, poor growth, weakness and fatigue, and they might even suffer from cardiac arrest. So, it would be the best if you make sure that your dogs get all the nutrients that their bodies require so that their health would not be in peril. 

Also, another nutrient that your adorable pets can get from watermelons is magnesium. Magnesium is one of the key nutrients that dogs require to have a healthy overall state of health because magnesium helps in energy production. And dogs need to have high levels of energy and I think we all know it because they are balls of fluff and energy bouncing all over the place, and the energy that they show must come from somewhere, and this proves that magnesium is a nutrient that helps dogs to be energetic and bubbly.

Watermelons also have high contents of water, it even has the word “water” in the name of the tasty fruit. A watermelon has a water percentage of 92 and 6 percent sugar, so its name makes perfect sense because of it! So, consider getting your dogs a treat of watermelon on a hot day. But you can still give your dogs watermelon even if it’s not summer or particularly hot, I’m sure that they would still love eating watermelons. 

Watermelons also contain vitamin C, which would help your dog’s immune system to be strong and resilient. It would strengthen their shield against sickness. They would need the extra protection against illnesses since dogs love to play outside and outdoors are more likely to be dirty compared to an indoor setting, so, watermelons would be a good treat for your dogs since it gives a solid pack of vitamin C.

So, when asked by someone, “can dogs eat watermelon?”, you can tell them that the answer is yes, and they would even get a ton of benefits that would them and their overall health. It would also be good for their taste buds because watermelons are very delicious and fulfilling, and I am sure that your dogs would share the same sentiment that watermelons are tasty.

But when giving your dogs watermelon, it’s best that you take away the seeds first before giving them a slice of watermelon or chunks of watermelon because the seeds themselves may not be bad, but if they ingest a whole lot of seeds then they might experience intestinal blockage. Also, don’t feed them the rind of the watermelon because it can cause gastrointestinal upset. And that would be bad for them and their digestion, so it would be good if you remove the seeds first before giving them the delicious treat of watermelons and throwing the rind away. We, ourselves, do not eat the rinds of the watermelons since they are just not good at all, so I do not see a reason why your dogs should eat the rinds. We only want what is best for our dogs, right? So, let’s give them the best that we can!


We have discussed the question, “Can dogs eat watermelon?”. So, it is time to talk about how we can prepare watermelons for dogs, and to talk about what the best preparation is.

Some things are best when kept straight and simple, one of these things are watermelons. You can just cut the watermelon into bite-sized chunks in the shape of squares. You can also cut the watermelon into wedges and make them look like slices of pizza, and in this case, slices of watermelons. But hey, a slice of pizza and a slice of watermelon have some things in common, and one of them is that they are both tasty and delicious. So, I am sure that your dog would love to get a slice of watermelon as a treat.

Below are some products that can help in giving your dogs a healthy and delicious treat of a watermelon.

iGenietti – Watermelon Corer and Slicer

With the watermelon corer and slicer by iGenietti, you can reduce the time of cutting watermelons in half, you can do it that fast with this handy tool! It’s the perfect slicer for all watermelons, regardless of size. It is also dishwasher safe and is 100% stainless steel. So, if you like watermelons or if you want to add watermelons to your diet and your dog’s diet, then you should really consider getting this product because it would become really handy if you are going to deal with slicing and preparing watermelons very often. You use this tool by cutting the watermelon in half and then you take one half of the watermelon and then with this tool, you can slice a portion and then you can squeeze the part that you’ve just cut with the tool and then you can just go ahead and pick it up. It’s easy as that!

Breville – Froojie Fountain Juicer

Thanks to the 1300W juicer from Breville, it can juice fruits such as mangoes, bananas, and other soft fruits easily and well too. It can also make juice from citrus fruits and even vegetables. I included this product here to make eating vegetables and fruits like watermelons much more exciting to you and your dog so that nothing would be mundane and the same as the last time!

Kuhn Rikon – Kuhn Rikon Original Melon Knife

Prepare a watermelon with style like never before seen with this stylish knife that is specifically made to slice and prepare melons from Kuhn Rikon. It even has the design motif of a watermelon to really emphasize that it is meant to cut up melons, not only watermelons but even cantaloupes and honeydew. I’m sure that a lot of people would love the design of this knife. It is an excellent choice of a knife in efficiently cutting up watermelons while also making your kitchen look nicer with its well-thought-out design. Consider buying this to prepare watermelons excellently and with style.

Sistema – Klip It, 3 Liters

With all the watermelons that you have prepared for you and your dog, you would need something to place them in for future consumption because it is not recommended to eat a whole lot of watermelon in one sitting. Anything can be bad for you and your dog if too much is taken, moderation is key. 

Will you regret having bought or used the money to buy any of these products?

No, I do not think that anyone would waste any money or would regret having bought these products because they are good products and perform well regarding the task that they were made for. So, I think that you should buy these products if you want to make watermelons a part of your diet and your dog’s diet.

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