The Top Fitness Influencers that All Asian People Follow

The Top Fitness Influencers that All Asian People Follow

By avatarjianho

If you have tried already to lose weight, eat healthier or simply build muscles, there are high chances that you are following one of the world top fitness influencers like Kayla Itsines, Jennifer Selter, Emily Skye, Joe Wicks, Mark Sisson, Tony Gentilcore, Adam Bornstein or Cassey Ho. 

These people blog and share their experiences on social media from around the world and usually come on top of your news feed with their motivational posts and inspiring training tips.

Southeast Asian people, especially in this period of the year, get really self-conscious about their body and look at themselves thinking “what now?”. We used to do the same and so, an year ago, we decided to find inspiration and tips from these top fitness influencers and followed their same fitness journey with the objective of building up a better version of ourselves.

The results? Great! So, we put together a list of all the exclusive training programs that we followed, together with some recommendations of fitness equipment that we used to complete these programs. 

Whilst you may not have the time nor the energy to follow their training tips to a T, there is still plenty of useful advice that you can take from these amazing people, who will ultimately push you to care about your body and train more efficiently!

Get Bikini Body Confident with Kayla Itsines

This is a 12 week program designed for you to lose weight, whether you are in the gym or at home, in just 28 minutes. That’s a pretty good deal if you are a busy person who needs to commute from home to the office through the chaotic traffic of the Southeast Asian cities.

One key exercise in this program is the skipping rope. To do it properly, we suggest  to get a weighted skipping rope, as it can be very useful when you have joint problems, don’t own a treadmill or don’t like jogging outside. We were able to lose up to 200 calories with just a 20 minutes session, while it took us 40 minutes to lose as much while jogging!

Fitplan with Jennifer Selter

Jennifer has an app Fitplan that provides 40 minutes workout for both Men and Women. The focus is not just on losing weight, but also gaining strength and endurance for both upper and lower body.

She promotes a variety of her own workout clothing, but the most commonly seen are her cross trainers. We used them during our routine exercises such as aerobics, kickboxing and weightlifting and we were not disappointed! With this pair of trainers we were able to get the perfect posture for our workouts.

Weight Training and HIIT for women with Emily Skye

Emily Skye doesn't do much of cardio. Instead, she focuses on weight lifting and HIIT to maintain a low % of body fat, yet not looking starved like a marathon runner. With her HIIT program, she debunked the myth that weight lifting makes women look bulky

The reality is that it takes years of supplements for women to gain significant muscle mass. Instead, simple weight lifting ensures that the body burns fast, even while sleeping. 

As in any weight lifting routine, a pair of dumbbells, kettle-bells and barbells need to be part of the mix. There are thousands of exercises that can be performed with the simple use of these tools and we were very positively surprised from observing the positive effects on our body.

Shift, Shape and Sustain, a lifestyle plan with Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks is famous for 2 things: Nutrition and Simple Training Routines (plenty of calisthenics). If you are a fitness activist, who likes to train anywhere at any time, then you should definitely follow Joe. His body weight exercises are designed to train the whole body and require only an exercise mat.

Few things we noted when we bought our own exercise mat:

  • Thickness - A thick mat reduces the impact of HIIT exercises on joints and protects the back from sprains on the hard floor
  • Anti Slip - A mat that sticks on the floor gives more stability during standing exercises such as squats, preventing bad accidents
  • Portability - Going to your gym or favorite spot in the park with ease should be one of your major considerations

Primal Blueprint with Mark Sisson

Mark is a 63 year old former distance runner, triathlete and Iron-man who focuses on knowing what you eat and having a well rounded training and mindset.

He is a strong advocate of whole foods. Why?

  • They help you to control your intake of processed foods - If you eat too much processed food, you will consume high levels of sodium, sugar and unhealthy fats, which are not great for your body.
  • They limit sugar and salt - Too much sugar will increase the insulin levels in your bloodstream, leading to a greater risk fo obesity and diabetes. High levels of sodium will lead to fluid retention, heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure

Bodybuilding Expert with Tony Gentilcore

Tony Gentilcore is a strength and conditioning specialist that focuses a lot on techniques such as: 

  • Strong traps, healthy shoulders” Upward rotation to not isolate certain parts of your traps
  • Proper use of a weightlifting belt” to avoid lumbar spine injuries
  • How deep should I squad” to prevent butt wink
  • Activate your gluts to dead-lift more

Some training equipment that we found essential in the gym were the gym gloves. Having a great pair of gym gloves allows to have a better grip on bars, dumbbells and weights. This ultimately let people avoid injuries and train more efficiently.

Tailored Fitness and Nutrition programs with Adam BornStein

Adam created the Born fitness community, a group of fitness junkies and coaches who like to stay healthy and fit. He and the coaches provide tailored programs, be it for HIIT or strength training, to enable everyone to get the results that they are looking for.

Most of members of this community are also strong advocates of the use of proteins. It does not matter how hard or efficient someone trains… without the use of proteins, none is able to recover fast and build more muscles.

Train like a beast. Look like a beauty with Cassey Ho

Owner and founder of blogilates, Cassey has more than 1.2 million followers on YouTube

Coming from a pilates background, where the guiding principles are posture, breathing, control, concentration and precision, many of her workouts are calisthenics in nature and have a strong focus on well-being.

We loved particularly her Pitt28 program: a 28 minute and 40 seconds Pilates intense interval training that uses no equipment. All you need is fitting clothes! Always g for stretchable clothes (with breathable materials) instead of the loose ones, so you can see whether you are doing the movements correctly.

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