The Supplies You Need to Memorialize Your Life in A Collage

The Supplies You Need to Memorialize Your Life in A Collage

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I have a not-so-secret guilty pleasure: making collages. Ever since I made my first one in Art class in 7th grade, making collages has become a favorite hobby of mine, and one that has actually made me a little extra cash, as I work on projects for people to memorialize loved ones.

Making collages can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be, depending on how intricate you choose to make yours. Luckily there are several kits and patterns that can help you along the way nowadays. I personally prefer to start from scratch, but everybody has their own unique way of going about this. The uniqueness of everybody’s collages is why I love making my own, and admiring other people’s

First, you want to settle down on a topic. It could be a person, a place, an animal, a memory or group of memories. It’s your collection, after all, so it is up to you what it is about. I would suggest not trying to tackle more than one topic per collage.

Next, have a color theme. If the collection is about a person, try to remember what their favorite color was. Once you have a color theme, think of other things that match that color. If, for example, your collection has something to do with your favorite national forest, go with things that match nature — greens, browns, blues. 

Decide what kind of collection you want to commit to. Is it going to be a neat and symmetrical collage, with shapes and colors that are highly coordinated, or will it be more of a free-form collection, like a dream catcher.

Next, make sure you have all the supplies you need. This includes poster board, colored paper, scissors, fringe cutters, markers, paint, glue, lace, ribbon, piper cleaners, pictures, designed paper, wallpaper, stencils. Essentially, go to your local hobby store, and go crazy! Here are some basics, including a starter kit.

A good kit should help provide a person with ideas as well as give most of the needed supplies to create one. This kit is great in that it provides designs and block lettering, as well as a matte finish to cement in any photos you find that you'd like to add.

I prefer the use of Acrylic paints over oil for two reasons. First, Acrylic paints are cheaper and available almost anywhere that sells art supplies. Second, I am not that great of a painter. For multiple reasons, oil is a terrible choice for people who don't know how to paint. This is a must-have.

Paper Edger Scissors are probably my favorite tool when making collages. They are fun to use and add a lot of flair to the collection that you are working on. Be careful, though. It is entirely too easy to go a little too crazy with these, turning your work of art into an interesting edger fest.

Swatches are a great way to help you decide on a color theme for your collection. You can find multiple websites and apps that provide printable examples, and Walmart is a great place to visit to buy the actual paper needed. Make sure to pick a color that goes with photos and other memorabilia.

The photos and other pieces you choose to include in your collection are completely up to you. Sometimes, we all could use something to do in our spare time. Why not use that time to do something productive and meaningful.

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