The Right Type Of Hard Drive For You

The Right Type Of Hard Drive For You

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Now that it is almost the end of 2017, most of the people I know are using SSD. Does that really means that HDD is obsolete

That depends on your budget, as SSD are still not the cheapest in the market, and paying $800 for a 1TB(terabyte)  SSD vs paying $130 for a 1TB HDD is a huge difference in price point. 

Also, there is an abundance of cloud systems that stores data which I will not be covering in this post.

Before going on, let us identify your priorities and define what type of hard drive you need. 

So what should I get?

                                                                                                                        Which is really better for you?

What type of hard drive you need would be based on the function of the drive, different tasks requires different storage size and performance.

For storing files ( videos, pictures, music , documents) , you do not need a SSD as the only difference in performance is the time taken to transfer files.
Note: You should always purchase an external ssd if you are transferring constantly. 

Word processing - 250gb Minimum

There is no need for a SSD at this point as you will not be able to note any significant difference at all. 

Web surfing - 320gb Minimum
Having a SSD for web surfing I consider it as a luxury, unless you are someone who opens 20 google chrome tabs, if not you would not see any difference. 

Digital music 750gb Minimum

If you are using spotify ( I assume most of us are) for digital music, more importantly is your bandwidth vs a hard drive. 

Gaming 1TB Minimum

Interestingly, SSD does affect games that is CPU intensive, having a ssd cut down on load times in ARPG games when loading into different zones by at least 5 seconds in path of exile.. However, games like call of duty, having a HDD would only affect booting up the game, or if I alternate tab out into google chrome. Still, if you are a perfectionist, than get a SSD.

Graphics Editing 1.5tb Minimum

Definetly a difference, when I am combining multiple layers of photos with 20 effects behind, having a SSD speeds up at least 5 times more and there’s no need to wait for effects to load.

Digital Video 2TB Minimum

Yes it makes a difference in performance, especially 4k videos with adobe premier by at least 3 times more. You do however, need a bigger hard disk as video files tend to be <300mb so be prepared to invest more.

Simple tips. 

If you are following the guide above as a benchmark, but still worried about the costs, this are some simple tips to optimize your performance but using both SSD and HDD.

1. Use SSD for OS(operating system) to ensure highest bootup time.
2. Use SSD for important softwares - Games you always play, graphic/video editing softwares.
3. Usd HDD for storage - Old videos, movies, pictures that you don’t open on a daily basis but would like to store somewhere.
4. Use external SSD if you are always travelling with a laptop - By using a ssd, you efficiently save alot of time whilst doing transfer of files, it can be for your school assignment, your work project, I always hate waiting in between for files transfer and once you get a ssd, you will never go back to hdd for file transfers.

Lastly, I have attached some of the hard disks that I have used over the years, and have tested extensively. Do consider them before getting your next hard drive!

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