The Only Shoes You Need On Vacation!

The Only Shoes You Need On Vacation!

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Every time I travelled somewhere when I was younger, I would always pack the wrong shoes. Either the shoes did not work with my outfits, they were not practical or they were lost!

Either way, it was a mess, until I got some great advice that changed everything! A - very stylish - friend gave me some tips on what shoes I could pack, that would effortlessly allow me to go from walking around a city to a nice dinner in no time!

1. Where to Pack

How you pack your shoe matters as much as which shoes you pack. You want to make sure that they do not get ruined in your bag, and that you haven't forgotten them. 

1. In a Shoe Bag

Pack all your shoes in individual shoe bags. This way, even if they get dirty while you walk around, they will not ruin any of your clothes. Plus it keeps them well organised. 

2. In the Suitcase

Pack your shoes at the bottom of your suitcase. This helps keep a little buffer and you can ensure that they will not touch your clothes. 

3. Their Own Suitcase!

If you can, pack them away into a separate bag! That way, there will be no trouble with making room in your suitcase for clothes, accessories and toiletries! 

2. Which to Pack

Figuring out what type of shoes to pack can be a tough one. But really, you will only need one pair of each of the following types of shoes:

1. Flip-flops

Flip-flops make great travel shoes. They're convenient and comfortable and can be used either indoors or outdoors!

Best vacations for flip-flops include:

1. Beach holidays

2. Camping Trips

3. Anytime you're inside your hotel

4. Staycations!

2. Sneakers

Sneakers are the perfect shoes when you will be moving around a lot. They are comfortable and also come in so many designs, that you will stay fashionable!

Most sneaker companies have got amazing designs. There are so many options available for every kind of budget, that it's virtually impossible not to be able to find a pair you like!

Best vacations for sneakers include:

1. Camping Trips

2. Adventure holidays

3. Sightseeing trips

4. Anywhere that has cold weather

3. Flats

Flats are the go-to travel shoes when you cannot wear flip-flops, but don't need to wear sneakers! They are light, sturdy, classy and practical!

My favourite kinds of flats are ballet flats. They look the best with dresses - especially on shorter people like me!

Best vacations for flats include:

1. Any trip really!

4. Wedged Heels

You do need one pair of heels, in case you go out to a nice place. Wedged heels are easy to walk in and are not as delicate as stilettos. 

And in my opinion, always seem to remind me of vacations - I don't know why but they just do. 

Best vacations for wedged heels include:

1. Beach holidays

2. Sightseeing trips

No matter what kinds of shoes you pack, remember, pack colours that will match most of your outfits too. That way, you can almost wear any of them with any of your outfits!

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