The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Job Market

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Job Market

By avatarkristene

Who would have thought that robots would truly exist? The science fiction that we watch on movies about robots that act like humans has now become a reality. The technology behind this phenomenon is Artificial Intelligence. This concept is greater than any other tech revolution that has happened before and there are more developments to come.

So, What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is the concept of machines that can think for itself, and perform tasks based on the data it is provided. Its capabilities are way more advanced than the human brain. Their systems are powerful enough to process countless information in an instant.

The Massive Impact of A.I. 

A.I. impacts the daily life of many people today in different ways. Personal AI assistants, voice-operated gadgets, facial recognition with biometric features—these are just some of the best ways A.I. impacts the job market today. It has been estimated that 30% of the activities being performed today in most jobs can be automated by technology.

There are also various A.I. powered apps on mobile devices, such as Siri and Alexa that people use on a daily basis. I, myself use Alexa almost everyday! These applications are extremely popular and many people benefit from their assistance.

A.I. also impacts the security industry of IoT in ways we could not imagine. A recent study finds that AI systems are able to assist in fighting the attacks of cybercriminals to businesses. Thousands of IT professionals all over the globe said in a survey that they use a form of AI-based protection in their system and it works very well.

The greatest impact of A.I., however, is on the job market. This advanced technology is changing businesses and services. Robotics brought remarkable improvement to different markets and it continues to be an essential part when it comes to industry innovation. Various industries are even willing to invest a total of US &110 million by 2020 on worldwide robotics.

Significant Changes in the Job Market

An influential technologist predicted that in the next 10 years, bigger changes will happen in the job market. At least half of the different types of jobs in the world will be replaced by robots.

Digital innovations and developments in job automation are the leading causes why businesses are thinking of ways to enhance their services. There is no denying that technology is changing uncontrollably and these changes provide both challenges and benefits.

Will A.I. end millions of jobs?

A.I. will continue to revolutionize the job market. It could end millions of job but this doesn’t mean that people will remain jobless. After all, technology can displace and create jobs at the same time. There will always be tasks that require qualities that robots could never possess, such as creativity and vision.

Humans are certainly able to adapt to any situation that can happen. What's important is that we face the challenges that job automation brings and use the power of technology for a better future.

When it comes to A.I. technologies, the possibilities are endless. It is exciting to know what will happen next and what solution A.I. can provide to problems that we can't seem to solve.

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