The hairstyle of your dreams reflect what you are: Be yourself!

The hairstyle of your dreams reflect what you are: Be yourself!

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Lately, I was thinking about the possibilities of changing hairstyle and I did not find a better opportunity to share it with you.

I've always had dark hair, and when I say dark it's VERY dark hahaha, my dad's family is Asian so practically by genetics I have jet black hair, thick and plentiful, which is why I've always been discouraged hours and hours in a beauty salon only for my hair to achieve discoloration and then go through other sessions so that it manages to grasp the color (and this is begging for no more dark or lighter tone).

What also has discouraged me is because I have not got a color specialist to help me make a radical change without damaging my hair and getting the hairstyle I want, even though I know of certain techniques for dying hair I do not dare to do it in my person, so I am currently in search of a colorist who risks me.

But at halftime, I want to make a brief summary of all the information and research I did to take the big step because I'm sure that like me, you can feel that fear of delivering something as precious as our hair so that later wrong.

First of all, what should you do?

You must choose the dye brand and the colour that best suits what you want and your hair type is very important, I recommend products that do not contain any chemicals or that you know are from a trusted, good and recognized brand.

Do not try with products that are cheap and inexpensive you think it is better to try with those first, you should treat your hair as if it were royalty hahaha, is part of your letter of life and therefore should always be careful.

In my house, I was used to painting the hair of my aunts, cousinsand mother, yes I know, I was a hairdresser at home but in general terms I really like the idea ofmaking others feel good through a hairstyle change, I think it also activates my creative and different side.

So, I can say that I know of several dye brands so I'll tell you a little about them here.

Currently, I am between two products, one of Revlon and another of Vidal Sassoon because they are two brands that I have worked with and I have used other products of those brands and they have really worked incredibly. They are recognized commercial brands and have plenty of time on the market, what I like about them is that they have not stayed in the past and have sought different ways to offer their customers benefits such as increased nutrition and less abuse to the scalp.

They are quite yielding and come with everything you may need for the application so I fully trust them.

I want my hair to look the closest thing to this:

So I have researched a lot in the maintenance that must have to last me as much as I can so after buying the hair dye the first thing that went through my mind was the following question:

And after applying it, what's next?

So here comes the best of the article on hairstyle ...

In addition to having to be aware of what dye to use to change your hairstyle and impress everyone when you go out on the street, you must take care of after the application of the dye.

The hair can look beautiful, gleaming and dazzling when leaving the hairdressing salon but the reality is that days or maybe weeks if you do not nourish it enough you will realize the abuse and dryness and that it does not have the shine that you desire so much. For these cases I recommend the following cream baths of the same brand because I think they are ideal:

- Chocolate:

This is my favourite cream bath, there is no other product that works so well in my hair. Normally I use it before some hairstyle because sometimes so much heat breaks easily, also this cream bath has a smell and texture so delicious that it makes eating it hahaha.

TIP: According to my stylist, using chocolate cream baths is ideal for those people who have brown or dark hair

- Olive:

Olive oil has as many benefits for our hair as for our body and although at first I was a bit withdrawn at the idea ofusing it because I really detest the smell of the olive and was afraid that my hair would end up smelling like that for three days that well, I left my comfort zone and I took a risk and I assure you that I do not regret anything.

It leaves a feeling of freshness, softness and unravels my hair that always goes with knots because of how thick and abundant it is.

Implementing the treatment in your weekly hair care routine will give you a nutrition without comparison and when trying a new hairstyle you can do it without fear of anything because your hair will be protected enough to withstand any crazy and new ideas that You can think of it

However, it is important that you know some things so that the application is correct because it is true, these products are very good but if you use the treatment in a wrong way your hair can end up in an uncomfortable situation.

1. The cream bath is applied only to half the length of your hair. 

NEVER apply it from the root unless it is so dry that you do not need to enter intensive therapy your hair hahaha.

2. You should only apply it weekly. 

And your hair should be clean enough, that is, you should have applied shampoo and have the scalp as clean as possible and then you should not apply conditioner.

3. Only you can know the precise amount of cream bath you need to nourish your hair.

Because everything depends on the amount of hair you have and the length.

4. Do not forget to leave it in your hair for the time established in the package.

This way you will guarantee the results and you will not end up disappointed.

5. And finally, enjoy a delicious massage on your scalp while you put the treatment.

So that the product mixes homogeneously in the hair and can absorb the product as well as possible.

I hope that after these tips you can have a clearer mind on the subject and be able to take risks like me ... I leave this sentence of Lao Tzu that I think applies perfectly at this moment and why not? for life itself.

 Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes

I know that appearances matter but you will never see yourself more beautiful than how you can look at this precise moment if you let the changes and good energies come to your life to shine. We should all leave the fear behind and enjoy this life, which is one so grab your best dress, put on those high heels that you have thrown in your closet and put on the best hairstyle that goes with your personality, I assure you that more than one will be captivated.

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