The Hair Care Products Men Never Knew They Needed

The Hair Care Products Men Never Knew They Needed

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For as long as hair care products have existed, men have been the toughest customers. Sure, they had their hipster mustaches and beards, and the waxes that went with those, but even getting a man to use a shampoo seems to be a problem.

The interesting thing is, the shorter a person's hair is, the more care it takes to keep it looking fresh and new. I'll even admit to having poor hair hygiene. Don't get me wrong, I pulled out the VO5 and Suave as much as I could, but these products usually don't last very long or leave your hair feeling fresh and clean.

That absolutely does not mean that a man has to spend a fortune on hair products. Most of the products feature here fall well within the range of being affordable.

As another point of interest, there are just as many hair products for men as there are for women, so the selection came down to strictly to only what I use. Not my friends, not a girlfriend, but just me. When I personally look for hair care products, the price is usually the first thing on my mind, but for some things, such as hair oils, you do and should go the extra mile.

Here is a look at seven of the products I use. Be prepared to NOT have sticker shock!

R+CO is a salt spray for hair that can be used for both women and men, though it was specifically made for men who have medium to long hair that dries out easily. And we aren't just talking a little fizz, but hair that cracks anytime one uses a comb or brush on it, Spray on after towel drying.

Dove Men+Care Sculpting Paste is an amazing paste for men that can be found virtually anywhere at a cheap price point, I add texture that is meant for dry hair. That way, a man can play around with his hair anytime during the day to achieve whatever he is looking for.

Although this may actually be the cheapest product I am featuring today, it is by far the hair product with the best hold. Works only really on wet hair, however, it will work again and again each time you lightly spray your hair. It's great for hawks and faux hawks, however, it does dry very fast.

Rough Rider by Kevin Murphy is probably the most unique that I used. It as strong as Schwarzkopf's products, but durable enough to have slightly wet hair, too. In fact, the more moisturized your hair is, the better, especially if you are planning on running a comb or brush through your hair.

The living Proof dry shampoo is proof that not many men know that this product exists, though women seem to have caught on. Just as an example, one has an 18-hour flight ahead of them, and a meeting directly afterward. What is he supposed to do, wash his hair in the sink? Perfect somebody with no time.

Keihl's Strengthening And Hydrating Oil-In-Cream is another one of those products that men just seem to forget. Men seem to have become obsessed with using shampoo and conditioner quickly in their hair, but forget leave-in conditioners like this one. They may even think looks fine, but it's oily.

Finally, guys are often not only forgetful of the use of hairspray, but they are afraid of it. For many men, it is either gel or nothing at all. But what happens after that gel washes away throughout the day? Well, guess what, that's what men's hairspray is for. This one by Oribe is made for men.

Men have no reason to be afraid of hair products. It's just like finding the right cologne, shirt, pair of jeans, or shoes. Trust me, the hair matters just as much.

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