The Definitive Top 6 PC Slide Puzzle Games

The Definitive Top 6 PC Slide Puzzle Games

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Apart from playing video games on my PC, I love spending time gaming on my smartphone. My device is powerful enough to run the most demanding games such as PUBG Mobile and Asphalt 9 but I really enjoy slide puzzle games as well. My favorite is the Rusty Lake series which can be played on PC as well.

That being said, there’s a huge assortment of this kind of games that you can spend your time with but which are the absolute best ones? Let’s start with a classic, shall we?

The Room

Even though the 4th installment of the series was recently released the developers have yet to make the 3rd one available on PC. The original two games were a great success with thousands of positive reviews on Steam but it is common knowledge that the first part of the series is almost always the best one.

The Room is one of the most complex slide puzzle games you will ever have the chance to get your hands on. You “control” the character in a first-person manner but you can only slide or move stuff in a certain way. Throughout the game, you’ll encounter elaborate puzzles, riddles, even a few memory mini-games.

Moreover, I have to let you know that each of The Room games mainly revolves around a single object. In the first one, you get a mysterious safe with tons of mechanic features and secret compartments while on the fourth one you have to play around a mesmerizing dollhouse.

The concepts of space and time won’t be as you know them. You’ll have to shrink and even travel through time to get to the next section of the game. Last but not least, the game was originally released for mobile devices but the PC versions have better and more detailed graphics and animations.


Ever spent time on Tinder? You know, the dating application that lets you swap left and right on a profile photo depending on whether you’d like to start a conversation with a person or not?

Reigns is based on the exact same concept. Swap left if you’d like to dismiss an action or right if you prefer to take it on. Regarding the plot, you are in the old ages, technology isn’t sophisticated at all, the old king has just died, and you are the new one.

Your actions will determine how long you’ll be around until you either get executed or die and let your offspring take your place. In that case, you continue playing but in the other, it’s game over. 

Your reign depends on 4 things. These are your relationship with religion, your people, the army, and finally your economy. Every decision will benefit one and obstruct another. The ultimate goal is to keep everything balanced. My personal record is about 1000 years but who keeps count, right!?

Last, every 666 years (shocker, right?) you’ll be visited by the devil which will grant you some kind of wish, or better put curse. This will be useful on some occasions but it can also be detrimental for your reign!

Keep talking and nobody explodes

The name of the game sums it up pretty much. You play the role of the bomb defuser. Depending on how complex the bomb you’ll be required to defuse is you’ll be assigned a different time available to stop it from going off.

This is one of those truly unique slide puzzle games because you will need other people to play it with you. One user will be handling the defusing operation while speaking to the other user(s) who will be going through the defusing manual to provide instructions.

And you guessed it; everything is done by sliding or clicking on different parts/sections of the bomb. The cooperative aspect, however, is the best thing about the game. 

Furthermore, the modding community is very active meaning that the content is constantly updated with new levels keeping you interested in playing even more.

Rusty Lake Paradise

The Rusty Lake franchise has released many games, all of them being amazing masterpieces. If you’re anything like me you are instantly going to fall in love with the game’s art style. It is a two dimensional game with nostalgic retro colors, mostly pale shades, and minimal animations.

Personally, I consider them the best slide puzzle games available for mobile devices but some of them were released for PC as well. The best of them, however, has to be Rusty Lake Paradise. You travel to a deserted island where you will be struck with the ten plagues of Egypt.

Each level is unique and fairly difficult but please don’t just roam to YouTube after spending more than 10 minutes on a riddle. It can take hours to solve a couple of puzzles so if you aren’t that patient of a person then steer away from this game (and the other ones of the series).

Just a tip. Some scenes are pretty graphic and gory so if you aren’t ok with those then play one of the other games on this list. Also, make sure that you check everything and use all the items you’ve gathered throughout the various levels. You’ll be surprised by how many secret compartments you’re going to discover.


If you’re looking for relaxing slide puzzle games then LYNE may as well be the one for you. There isn’t a plot and the gameplay is fairly simple. You get a table with a number of shapes, each kind of shapes will have two slightly different ones. The goal is to connect all the same shapes starting from the highlighted one and end the line on the identical other.

In the beginning, the levels will be very simple but as you go on more shapes and possible combinations will start appearing. Other than that there isn’t much to talk about. Just check the game out and tell me what you think.

Mini Metro

Are you an engineer? Do you love video games? Is it your dream to build a whole underground network of metro lines? I know this sounds like an infomercial and I may even be exaggerating a little bit but this game is tailored to people that love complex engineering and construction/simulation games.

Why is it one of the best slide puzzle games available? Its unique character makes it great. There isn’t a plot and the gameplay may seem simple at first but believe me, things will get difficult as you go on.

Mini Metro is about the creation of an underground metro system. You start with a small town which has only a few stations. As time goes by and you’re doing a good job new stations will start appearing. As soon as that happens you’ll have to create new metro lines and redesign your routes for maximum efficiency.

But don’t get anxious because the game is going to help you out by indicating where the roads of the city are located. This way you can select to build stations in crowded streets or intersections. This way you’ll be able to serve more people efficiently. Just make sure that you connect multiple metro routes to popular areas so that you don’t get flooded with passengers.

These are my top 6 slide puzzle games that are currently available for PC. It’s advised that you take a look at them since their mobile counterparts often lack many features and details compared to the PC’s graphics heavy versions.

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