The best advices and products you need for the perfect roadtrip!

The best advices and products you need for the perfect roadtrip!

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Since childhood, making road trip is part of my essence, I know, it sounds a bit mystical hahahaha but it is that the adventure is in my blood.

Traveling in all my holidays is normal, my parents enjoy that time together especially because we are very close and we have a lot of fun during those road trips and we can say that when I grew up it became part of my culture, maybe I was not only traveling with my parents but with friends or partner but the same adventurous sense is still present.

At the same time, I can tell you that my father is a fan of buying ingenious and unusual gadgets for the house or for road trips because they are regularly very long, almost always for places a little remote from my country or to visit the family that lives on the coast and us in the east.

Really, I have very nice memories of those moments that will last forever in my memory and heart, so as I know how important it is to have experiences of this kind I want to give you all my knowledge in the area and make the most of it! In this article, I will talk a little more about those products that I find great, functional and practical for any type of road trip and will help you enjoy those road trips without having a disaster within those four doors hahaha.

1. Get your sleeping bag!

Normally our family road trip was based on going to places where we could have contact with nature, disconnect both from the city and those electronics equipment to promote family ties, so we camped and made bonfires at night (which are regularly very cold).

Having a sleeping bag is the most beneficial thing in the world! I always had one that was Coleman brand and it was with me for years and years, it was also great to sleep without getting the cold on my feet, a fact that really bothers me a lot hahaha. It is soft on contact with the skin and as it is closing prevents small animals or insects to surprise you at midnight or upon awakening. You can buy it in different colours or designs depending on who it is but always think of comfort first.

2. Waiting for the weekend?

A weekend bag has saved me from moments where I do not know where to keep all the things I want to take me for a quick, violent or short trip. I put on a pair of shoes, jeans, flannels, towel and that's it! Prepared for the adventure hahaha, however, I am not in favour of having boring bags but that they transmit the same spirit that we have.

So even if I went on a road trip with friends or family, I had a weekend bag from was what I wanted and I asked for it this Christmas hahaha. I am a fan of that brand because it sells very good products, high quality and durability that do not lose the colour or get easily dislodged. However, there are designs a little less pastry and more serious if that goes more with your attitude and personality. There is something for everyone!

3. Said no to the trash

This is a product that I find very functional, fun and perfect for cars. I tend to be a bit disorganized and when my parents gave me a car (with a lot of sacrifice and effort) so that I could easily move around the city and for my weekend road trips with friends I was worried about not being able to keep it clean and fixed, it's true, maybe I did not wash it all the time hahaha but I tried to keep the garbage in its place.

That's why this product seems so great to me in life! It's like a mini special dumpster for cars (because of its size) and it has a fun way since it looks like an alien (they remind me of Wall-e? For me it's the same hahaha) it comes in different colors so you can buy it from the one that goes with your car. In addition, having a dumpster inside the car even if it does not sound so cute will help you locate that immense amount of bills, parking tickets or packages that we usually have inside.

4. Foodie lover

When I was very small and travelling in the back seat with my mom, it was typical that after the road trip my parents had to send the car to wash hahaha because when I ate spilled the drink or food. My dad was a bit bothered by the idea because for him the car was his second son, he always tried to keep it clean and neat (the opposite of me) then he came up with the great idea of buying this product that I also think came to him by pure chance but really solved the problem they had with me on the trips hahahaha and of great it became the perfect table to work on the road or watch movies; I refer to a special food tray for cars, it may seem very similar to the folding tables of the planes but it keeps the balance on the road very well and will help you not to stress yourself in the trip for the food and the disaster that can be caused LOL.

5. Everything in its place

Since I have memory use, my dad has had cases and organizers in the car, he has had different colours, styles and designs because when we do road trips he likes the idea of having everything accessible when driving, whether it's music CDs or money. 

However, the product that I included in this article cost me to get it because I wanted them to show you the same one that my dad has, or at least the last one he bought because it seems perfect because it does not bother the passengers and you can place it in the seat of the copilot and with just moving the arm you will have at your reach what you need and as it meshes you can see that there are no complications inside. Keeping the car organized greatly benefits the road trip experience and makes it more pleasant.

In addition to all these tips that I wanted to give them, I recommend other things...

Keep your documentation always but ALWAYS at hand (either from the car or from the passengers) this includes vehicle insurance, personnel, driver's license and medical certificates and if you travel with minor children so your children carry their birth certificates in case that in some station they send you to stop the vehicle.

Whenever you are traveling, bring a medical emergency kit with you, including headache pills, dizziness and even anti-flu, as well as products for upset stomach and cuts. You must be prepared to take care of you and yours at all times.

As a personal recommendation, I tell them that they should include a pillow or blanket for trips to make the experience more comfortable. Remember that it can be a journey of many hours and sitting for so long or in an awkward position can affect your posture and cause severe back pain.

And of course, if you do a road trip, try to have tools for the car in case an obstacle spies a tire or turns off the car. If you do not have what you need, instead of being a perfect trip with friends or family ends up being an experience that mortifies both your mind and your wallet, since you would have to call a tow truck, pay a mechanic (who regularly one on the road is complicated and usually more expensive).


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