The 5 Most Essential Kitchen Tools Ever!

The 5 Most Essential Kitchen Tools Ever!

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Whether you live in a mansion or in a tiny studio apartment, you will always need storage space. 

These days, most homes get equipped with a lot of storage space, but we inevitably fill those spaces up with junk very quickly. 

My Reality

No room in my house bothers me as much as my kitchen! Because I love to cook, I'm always buying new things for it.

The problem is, I now have absolutely no space for anything else. 

So, I have decided to re-organise my kitchen and get rid of all the things I don't need!

My Plan

I did a lot of research and I have narrowed my action plan down to purchasing 5 things and getting rid of a lot of others!

1. What I'm Buying

1. A Salad Spinner

What it is

I hate cleaning my greens - especially salad leaves! No matter how hard I  try, there is always some dirt or one little worm hiding in the bowl. It is a cumbersome experience and I waste a lot of water and time trying to clean it!

Why I need it

Yes, I know, these spinners take up a LOT of space in kitchen cabinets. But these spinners also double up as storage or serving bowls for your salads. They clean and dry greens in no time at all!

2. A Garlic Press

What it is

Everybody likes eating garlic, but nobody wants their fingers smelling like it! Garlic leaves this long-lasting - and for me personally - and unpleasant aroma on fingers and clothes. 

Why I need it

A garlic press is really helpful because it helps you mince garlic perfectly, without having your fingers smelling like it for days- except for the peeling part of course!

3. A Pasta Pot with Strainer

What it is

Draining the excess liquid after boiling pasta isn't difficult, I agree. However, most times, a few little pasta bits also go down the drain while straining. 

And my colander is really bulky and old. 

Why I need it

This little tool is AMAZING! It is basically a large pot that has a small attachment on the side that allows you to pour away any excess liquid, without having your food fall into the sink as well! 

This means that you can use it for various types of cooking, and it makes draining pasta that much easier. 

4. A Kettle

What it is

I love drinking tea and warm water. But that’s not the only reason why I think a kettle is a must-have kitchen tool. 

Why I need it

Kettles help speed up cooking time because you will be able to boil water in no time at all!

5. A Veggie Chopper

What it is

Vegetable choppers completely eliminate the need to have a chopping board and multiple knives in the kitchen. Nowadays they are available with a variety of chopping blades that help you get the kind of cut you want, without slaving away for ages.

Why I need it

This little nifty tool will save you hours in the kitchen - trust me! 

2. What I'm Getting Rid Of

1. Blunt knives

2. Old and stained containers

3. Large strainers

4. Old and burnt vessels

5. Plastic cutlery

3. What I'm Unsure About

1. My favourite cups!

2. Colourful - but old - plates

3. All my tiny jars

4. My bulky colander

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