The 10 best red lipsticks of all times!

The 10 best red lipsticks of all times!

The sure-shot way to instant glam, the make-up equivalent of an LBD, instant look up-lifter or the quickest fix for instant-glam; call it whatever you may but a red lipstick is all this and much more a timeless look!

While the solution is simple the tough part is finding this beauty product within your budget, in the right shade, with the perfect color intensity and finish to complement your skin tone! Which is why I’ve rounded up the 10-top red lipsticks for all skin-tones. These are the brands which stood the test of time and their products which are available globally (mostly). I’ve also tried to include all price ranges to cater to all demographics! 

The list could be SO much longer but I am limiting it to just 10 and trying to fit a spectrum of price ranges and have specially not mentioned certain brands which I wouldn’t shop for online. I mean if it’s worth a fortune you’d rather hop into a store, right? ! So here it goes -

1. MAC Cosmetics Lipstick – Ruby Woo: The listicle had to start with the universally flattering classic cherry red lipstick which suites EVERYONE. A lipstick that is used as a benchmark to compare and praise other red lipstick. This classic shade of vivid red with blue undertones, this product has a matte finish but a satiny-smooth texture. It provides perfect coverage and even with that intense color its does not bleed. At all. Yes!

2. Nars Semi Matte Lipstick in Jungle Red – Another iconic lipstick which has become a classic. No brand does its reds better than Nars and Nars doesn’t do red better than its Jungle Red. (Although you can try out their Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Mandore, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl or Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment in Don’t Stop which are pretty great reds too). Think femme-fatale, think Hollywood glam, think a dewy finish-semi-matte and choose this gorgeous cherry-red color!


3. Mac Cosmetics Lipstick – Russian Red: A true deep red! The very vampy crimson red that gained iconic status because it was created for Madonna in 1990 for her ‘Blonde Ambition’ tour. This is lipstick is as matte as is creamy and perfect in every way as its famous twin - Ruby Woo. In fact, it can easily be the second red you should add to your collection (if you own its sister) and want a richer, deeper red. 

4. Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Color – Pirate (#99): The OG red lipstick. This color has been crafted to mimic the shade that Coco Chanel herself wore! A jewel red with a blue base (which seems to be a winning shade to cater to all skin tones!) it is very luminous and extra intense. Like really, more intense than usual reds. Although it may look shimmery sitting in the lipstick tube, the color is denser upon application.

5. Tom Ford Lip Color – Cherry Lush: A very stunning and creamy lipstick with a warm pinkish-red shade and (again!) blue undertones. This lipstick is very soft on the lips and contains nourishing ingredients which give it a smoother, delicate finish. As per the Brand’s description – ‘Rare and exotic ingredients, including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil, create an ultra-creamy texture with an incredibly smooth application.’ Amen! The pinkish shimmery undertone means you can tap a little on your cheeks and smudge it for a summery blush too!

6. Fenty beauty by Rihaana – Stunna Lip Paint: When Rihanna drops an all-inclusive classic, you sit up and take notice. And when she does it for the holiday (party?) season, you know you can party harder and longer without a worry when it comes to your red lips because what you’re promised is what you get. The product doesn’t crease or smudge, give in-lines or bleed. The only catch, it’s a little drippy when you are applying it so take your time to apply, once done it doesn’t budge!

7. Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain – O1 Always Red: One phrase sums this up – A liquid Ruby Woo. A budget lip stain that looks good on every skin tone and shade. It very creamy upon application, very matte in its look, very intense in its shade and lasts really, really long. Comparatively easier on the pocket but this one can compete with a lot of luxury brands on the basis of color quality, retention and intensity. 

8. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss – 01: A very gorgeous shade at a very, very nominal price. This drugstore lipstick was created by timeless supermodel and fashion icon Kate Moss herself. It captures her edgy and timeless chic appeal perfectly. It gives you an attractive pout that lasts for 8 hours along with an intense color. I’d suggest applying it with a brush and using a lip-balm before applying it as there is only so much you can get at such a budget price! 

9. NYX Lipstick – Perfect Red: Another drugstore gem, it’s in fact a dupe for Ruby Woo. Just as good as the real deal as it doesn’t bleed or crease. But in all honesty, one (and its only) drawback is that although it’s very highly pigmented it’s not as long lasting as Ruby Woo. But, if you only wear red once in a blue moon or are still experimenting to find your shades it’s a very good product to start with. Also, the fact that NYX is a cruelty free brand makes using it easy on the conscience!

10. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick – Certainly Red: A very satiny, creamy red for a very reasonable price, this product rounds up this lipstick list perfectly. It doesn’t bleed, doesn’t stain, doesn’t smudge and can be worn to work. In fact, it’s something you can keep in your bag and forget about until you need a day saver that makes you feel put together on your not-so-fine days. Or wear to work every day because it’s a day red. Dab some gloss and then it can be turned into a night red.  Need I say more?

So ladies! Berry, cherry, festive, fiery, scarlet or Hollywood – whichever one vibes with you put in on and step out. There is that one perfect red out there for you. And you JUST CAN NOT (should not) do without this beautiful color!

Note: Here’s a small tip to help you find your red! Its super helpful, especially if you are shopping online and don’t have the time and patience (like me!) to wait till a store visit to do a smear test. If your complexion has pink undertones, think raspberries! If it’s has yellow undertone, think tomatoes. If your undertone is greenish yellow then go for rusty reds and if its toffee or caramel think plums! You will also find plenty of articles online to help you understand you complexion and your undertones to make a better choice!

Although I do agree these tried and tested tips make a good point to begin with but there most certainly no fixed formula and you should totally rock whatever shade YOU think suits you and uplifts your mood! Because isn’t it all that this drill is for!

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