Tech gifts that your elderly parents would love to use

Tech gifts that your elderly parents would love to use

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No matter how old they get, people appreciate good gadgets that makes their life easier. Parents are no different. The older they get, the more thankful they are to gadgets that give them more time for themselves. In this article, I have listed ten different tech gadgets that every parent would appreciate. So, if you are looking for some tech gifting ideas for their next birthday/anniversary, we have a little list here that will be helpful.

Amazon Echo/Google Home

These voice-activated, internet-connected assistant device that can set their reminders, play music, crack jokes, make lists and even control smart home appliances like lights, thermostat and locks. They keep getting updates regularly and there are so many things that they can do. For example, setting medication alarms.

Fitness trackers and equipments

As they get older, people tend to make more time for fitness and good nutrition. Since they are more vulnerable to health problems at later stages of life, a fitter lifestyle becomes a necessity. Exercise cycles, treadmills, gym bags and training shoes are fitness gifts that will motivate them to focus more on their well-being. 

American company Fitbit has a wide range of bands and watches that track exercise, activities, food, weight and sleep. The more informed your parents are about their health indicators, the wiser they get about lifestyle choices.


Because many regular computers are too heavy and smartphones have small screens. Light-weight laptops are more affordable, easy to carry around and have a good battery life. Your video calls to them will now be supported by better camera and sound.

Subscription to movie-streaming website

Services like Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Videos offer a wide range of movies and TV shows that save your parent from boredom. They would find it convenient, easy-to-operate and entertaining.

Wi-Fi signal booster

Internet can make lives easier for parents, but only when the Wifi signals are strong. Haven’t we all been plagued by poor reception and slow speed just when you need that video to work well? Your parents probably won’t even know that there is a solution to these problems. Install a good wi-fi signal booster at home so that there are no signal dead zones in the house and they can watch their favourite shows, video chat and everything else from wherever they are. 

Electronic book readers

This is a useful gift, only if your parent likes reading. Kindle is quite popular as a e-book reader because it offers many advantages over regular books that people appreciate as they get older. It is light-weight, easy on eyes (especially in low light) and the text size can be adjusted to convenient reading. The best part is that its battery lasts really long.

Coffee makers

The joy of having a good cuppa without driving to the noisy coffee chain outlet and paying through the nose is something only a coffee lover would understand. If your old folks like coffee, a good coffee maker would make a great gift. You can do so much to add a personal touch to the gift. Add personalised coffee mugs or few packs of their favourite coffee powder and watch them gush in excitement.

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