Stylish Ways to Bring Nature Inside Your Home

Stylish Ways to Bring Nature Inside Your Home

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Home decorations may seem unnecessary for some people as they find it impractical and expensive. However, an aesthetically pleasing home, moreover, with naturalistic design, could provide a relaxing and comfortable home to live. Stressing more with practicality, there are lots of naturalistic designed home decoration available at an affordable price to let you experience how it is like to have fresh flowers and plants growing within your grasp. It could help you or your family to have some peace of mind, enjoy a quiet moment of solitude, make your work or chores at home productive, and all other things that are relative to having a good vibe.

Hinterland Trading Air Plant Flying Jellyfish

For a natural decoration at home, you might consider getting these decorative air plants. The set comes in 3 pieces which looks very realistic. It has a jellyfish design where each measures about 4 inches in height by 4 inches in width. What I like about this decorative set is that it doesn’t require much maintenance and not at all messy. Air plants do not require soil to survive and non-parasitic. As time passes and the plants grow, you’d see beautiful natural scenery where it brings a bright natural yellow-green glow. This is the thing you would want if you opt to beautify your home. 

Boo-Boo Plant Live Cacti Terrarium Flower

This is a small and discreet natural decoration, perfect on top of any table. It is a terrarium plant about one to two inches tall on the top of a durable plastic container. It is called the boo-boo plant. The miniature terrarium decoration does not require any effort and maintenance, but it is best advised to water the small plants at least once a month and can survive without any care for up to 3 months. AS it grows, you can choose to transfer it to a larger container to fit. This is a perfect way to start a natural home decoration at home. 

Chive Air Plant Wall Holder 

Getting a plant at home doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re decorating it appropriately. This is an air plant holder. It is mounted on a wall and safely secures your plant in its place provided that the size is appropriate to the container. It has an attractive design and aesthetically pleasing to look at. It measures to about 2 inches tall. Keep in mind that the set only includes the holder or container. Installation is easy. It does not require nailing or drilling. All you need is an adhesive. Although nailing or drilling it into the wall is an option. This is a fantastic way to mount your decorative plants at home. 

23 Bees Round Air Plant Holder

Let's talk about natural home decorations. A hanging plant holder could set a mood or bring back memories of nature. This container set includes three pieces of hanging plant holder with a classic, simple and elegant design that boast the beauty of your plants. The plant holders or plant pots are made from ceramic. It can be used for small cactus, succulent plant, air plants and more. One large pot measures approximately 8.6 inches in height by 5.3 inches wide and a diameter of 3.3 inches which is fairly spacious for small types of plants. Two pots are slightly smaller but not that far apart. There’s nothing more beautiful and bodacious about hanging plants. 

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