Student's pick: Laptop for studying/gaming

Student's pick: Laptop for studying/gaming

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Hey, hey there! Good Ol’ QWriter here with a few laptops for students trying to find a good studying/gaming laptop. Some have good specs with good and fair prices while others have VERY good specs and VERY killer but fair prices.

Now, we’ll be going through each laptop with the cheapest going first.


First on this list is the Asus VivoBook15 X510UQ. While not as high spec-wise compared to the other three in this list the VivoBook15 is good enough for a student seeking a laptop for studying and a bit of casual gaming. Thanks to its all-plastic insides and outsides it’s considerably light which is a godsend for students already being weighed down by their books.

A thumb down for this laptop is that the laptop’s cooling systems keep the temperature high under stressful loads which means that you should try to run only two programs at a time or if you're gaming just leave the game on and nothing else unless you want your laptop to end up as laptop soufflé.


Second on the list is an Acer Aspire R 15. Compared to the Asus VivoBook this laptop is heavier, pricier and a bit larger. It’s mainly metal body is the main contributor to its weight but because of its being a metal construct it is also a bit more durable than the VivoBook (don’t do a test to ‘determine how durable it is).  Another notable feature it has is that it is touchscreen capable.

3.)  MSI GL62M 7RDX-1408

Now this laptop is from MSI, a computer company known for making good laptops/desktops for gamers so you know that the hardware this laptop is packing is very good but… that also means this is more expensive.

Unlike the first two, this beauty runs on an Intel i7-7700HQ which is much more powerful processor than the i7-7500U by a considerable margin. Also, if you want to multitask on either a school project or if you want more than once screen while playing the 7RDX can support up to two external screens via MSI Matrix Display.

Again, this one is a bit of a wallet killer so take the time to think it through if you want this.

4.) ASUS FX503VM

And finally the ASUS FX503VM the most expensive, high spec and surprisingly light laptop on this list and like the other three are thin enough that every time you’d put them in a bag you would feel that the next time you see it it’ll be in two pieces instead of one.

Anyway, like the MSI GL62M, the ASUS FX503VM runs on an Intel i7-7700HQ processor so you’ll easily know that this laptop can easily do whatever your student self, needs to do and if you feel that you want to play a more powerful game then the GeForce GTX1060 will easily help you with that.

And it goes without saying on this one that you better be sure that you want this laptop because if, for some reason, you suddenly thought ‘I want to get a different one’ your wallet may just come to life and get some payback.

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