Storing Your Clothes - Do It The Right Way

Storing Your Clothes - Do It The Right Way

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People store away clothes all the time - and for different reasons.

I put away things I do not need from season to season or clothing I am keeping for memory's sake.

I learnt the hard way that storing clothes does not only mean packing them up and putting them into the attic.

I packed them the wrong way and left them unattended for too long. When I saw them again - they were full of holes and smelt really weird!

Now that I have learnt my lesson - I know that there are just a few simple tips to follow!

1. Do Your Laundry

Once you have sorted out the clothes that are being kept away - do one load of laundry.

It is important that they are all clean and stain-free. This is because any residual stains or smells will only intensify over time - and it will ultimately ruin the clothes.

Make sure that you:

a) Run it through the laundry

b) Use disinfectants and softners

c) Dry them thoroughly

d) Iron them

2. Packing Them Right

Packing them away correctly is as important as cleaning them beforehand.

a) Where You Pack Them

Depending on how long they will be stored away for. If it is being put away for a long time - you should use plastic boxes.

If it only for a short time - a couple of months - you can use cardboard.

My personal choice is plastic bins - because they are easy to clean and are re-usable.

b) What You Pack with Them

Along with the clothing - put scent sachets into the boxes. I find that even when clothes are kept in plastic boxes - they still come out smelling - musty. So to avoid that - you can use potpourri sachets! They leave the clothes smelling great, and some of them even have anti-insect properties!

So make sure you pack the following items along with your clothes:

1. Fragrance Sachets

2. Moth Balls

c) How You Pack Them

Some clothes need to be hung up - otherwise, they lose their shape. so make sure that you pack them in the manner best suited for the clothes.

3. Dark Places

You should store these boxes in a place that is cool, dry and dark.

a) Cool

Cool places are where insects are least likely to live in. They also make sure that your clothes are stored at optimum temperatures.

b) Dark

Dark places will make sure the clothes do not fade. The only concern with dark environments - is that these places are where insects and bugs thrive!

c) Dry

A dry place will ensure that no mould or mildew grows on your clothing - because a wet environment facilitates this.

Also, certain insects thrive in these conditions.

4. Checkups

The last part of storing clothes is actually a few months after you put them away! You need to check them for any signs of mould growth, insects or general wear and tear.

If they have been put away for:

a) A Long Time

Check on the clothes every 2 to 3 months.

b) A Short Time

You do not need to check up on the clothes.

And remember to always run the clothing through the laundry once before you use them again.

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