Special Tools You Need While Decluttering

Special Tools You Need While Decluttering

By avatarmmoo

If you are staying tuned to my articles the past few days (thanks if you are!) then you already read the basic things you need for decluttering. If you haven't read that article yet, I'll just give a short recap.

Decluttering is very rewarding but it takes time and preparation. You have to assess the room or the area you want to work on, and you need to gather the tools that will help you get the job done! Before you even start clearing up clutter, make sure that you have the basic items for decluttering: Bins, Bags Baskets or Boxes!

Whenever I declutter, different sizes of moving boxes are must-haves for me. I also find storage boxes very functional for my closet or drawers. It's nice to know that there are so many baskets and containers available today that come in cute and fashionable design. After all, minimalism is not just about the color black and white! I love to play with colors too.

Anyway, after giving you the basics, let me share the special tools that will help you very much in decluttering.

Number one is clear trash bags. This is a special thing to have because we are talking about the clear ones (not the usual black trash bags). 

HDX Clear Tash Bags are fine for me. Each pack comes with 250 bags. It's not that big though, but it's still perfect for storing stuff. Clear trash bags also help you easily check each bag in case you are finding something.

If you have tons of bags, labels are also your friends! There are various self-adhesive removable labels. Avery is a great brand that my co-workers also use in the office. Note: Don't forget to have a marker nearby, of course!

Another special tool that I suggest you get is a timer. This is a nice addition to your tools especially if you love taking breaks in between.

If you have decided to take at least 10 minutes or an hour a day to declutter, a timer will help remind you of your schedule. It will keep you on track!

If you do not want to buy a digital timer, there are apps you can install in your phone that almost do the same thing. What I use is the Taylor Precision Products digital timer. It is so easy and simple to use. It is able to count up or countdown. I actually have this for my cooking needs but found it to be helpful when decluttering.

Don’t forget! When decluttering, keep in mind these two questions so you can decide whether or not you still need to keep something:

1. "Do I like it or do I really love it?"

If you really love it and it sparks joy in you, keep it!

2. "Am I going to use this often?"

When was the last time you used this thing? Have you used it for the past 3 months? Are you going to use it within 3 months in the future? I heard about the 3-month rule and it is a great reminder. If you are not going to use it often, there's no need to throw it away. Simply store it in a nice and secure place so it won't get in your way. 

Thanks so much for reading.

Get these special tools for your decluttering journey and see if it helps.

Let me help you get back to the basic and inspire you to slow things down so you can sit back and just enjoy life. Stay with me on my minimalism journey and let’s making lasting changes together.

If are not yet convinced to go for the minimalist lifestyle, now is the time!

All the best! xx MM

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