Solar Powered Products That You Didn’t Know Existed

Solar Powered Products That You Didn’t Know Existed

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The best way to use electrical devices is by powering it with good and clean energy. With today’s technological advancement, it’s easier for everyone to convert the sun’s light into natural energy that could be used for day to day energy and electrical needs. The application ranges from lighting up a bulb, powering up your home electronics and appliances or even charging your phone.

Furthermore, the energy source is renewable wherein you can easily charge everything up in a matter of hours or days to be used again. It will significantly change how you live and would highly make your budget effective and efficient. Solar power or energy will reduce that electricity consumed and your bill. The technology is also low-maintenance and can last for an extended period. It is great for personal, residential or commercial use.

ANKWAY Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump 

This is a solar fountain pump made by Ankway. This has eight different spray styles that work for different purposes or application such as a decorative tool for fish tanks, ponds, garden and more. It also works great as a water sprinkler in your lawn or any areas which require some cooling water or oxygen circulation. It is also a good way to bathe your birds, pets or even home livestock animals such as chickens, pigs, rabbit, and more. But most importantly, this device doesn’t require any electricity or battery. It harnesses the power of the sun and converts it into good energy and stores it within its own solar designed battery. Doing so, the product requires very less effort and money when it comes to maintenance and sufficiency but may need some time when it comes to cleaning.

GREENLIGHTING Solar Phone Charger 

Next is one of the most useful solar products today with the rise of smartphones and other portable gadgets. This phone charger is ideally designed for phones both android and IOS as it includes a universal charger cord that could cater most mobile devices. It can also charge other gadgets that use the same charging port or socket such as a tablet, a wireless headset or earphones, mouse, and more. The great thing about this charger is that it gathers its energy. It can store up to 2000mah of battery, most likely or closely enough to fully charge a single mobile device. And without doing anything, leaving the charger with enough light from the sun for about 4 hours could make it full again after use.

SUNTREE Solar Power Charger 

This mini-tree solar charger from SunTree is a fun, artistic, stylish and creative way to charge your phone. It features a tree-shaped charger with solar panels representing a tree’s leaves. It has an array of branches where instead of leaves, each branch has a solar panel on top. The charger can store about 1350 mAh that’s at least half to a full charging power required by your phone or any other mobile devices. The device brings clean energy and efficient charging capabilities as well as being a great home or office decoration.

AUTO FAN Ventilation System 

Finally, another useful solar device intended for comfort in an outdoor environment. This is a car cooling fan that keeps the car temperature low by blowing out the hot air inside the car which is most useful if you have parked your car outside for quite a long time. This ventilation system uses solar technology where the gathering of good energy and storing it is a lot easier considering that a car is usually outside. The device is highly exposed under the light and heat of the sun where it can easily store sufficient amount of energy to cool your car at a short period.

If we can utilize the energy of the sun to power up everything we need every day, it will make a big difference in our lives. Not only we will be able to save money from paying bills and electricity, but our devices, gadgets, appliances and other electrical stuff also wouldn’t require much maintenance. Adding to that, we’d be using clean energy from the sun where nature wouldn’t be put in harm’s way. Power plants and other electric factories wouldn’t have to harvest nature’s energy just for our own sake and benefit. That’s why solar devices are way better than those that aren’t.

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