Smartphone Accessories: 4 Products That You Should Buy

Smartphone Accessories: 4 Products That You Should Buy

By avatarLeonW

There are always new cell phone accessories coming out to help make things easier, see things better or hear things better. There are so many great accessories out there that it would be very hard to make it through them all, so for your convenience, here is a list of quite useful accessories to help with almost any need that you may have with your cell phones, and even some other electronic devices.

PopSockets: Collapsible Grip & Stand

This is a very convenient phone accessory that allows you do the things with your phone that may be a little less than beneficial to its lifespan. All you have to do is expand this device and collapse to lay flat. Whether you’re trying to play your favorite video game or text with a single hand, this accessory has you covered. This accessory also has the ability to be used with most tablets for a little extra comfort. 

Additionally, with the PopSockets mount companion product, you can mount your phone to almost any vertical surface, including dashboards, mirrors, refrigerators, and walls, for most hands-free purposes. Imagine the hassle you could save yourself with this accessory. 

Mpow: Car Phone Mount

This phone accessory is a handy car mount that for you every convenience in a vehicle, It’s ultra-sticky suction pad sticks tightly on your dashboard or most surfaces you may need or want to attach it to. You can easily remove this accessory by pulling the suction pad without leaving any marks or leaving anything behind on your dashboard. 

It is NOT recommended that you try to apply this dashboard car mount onto any leather surface, wall or filmed glass surfaces. This accessory features an extendable arm that not only extends but can also pivot up or down for your optimal viewing height. Prevent from obscuring your view while you are driving. It also swivels with 360-degree rotation, a flexible arm lock, and sponge-like cushions to secure a wobble-free fit for your cell phone.                                                    

Dizaul: Cell Phone 3D HD Movie Video Amplifier

I can’t tell you how many times I have wished that I had something exactly like this. No need to look for cords to hook your phone up to your TV, or need a smart TV to cast your phone to when you have this. You can now use your phone to watch your favorite TV shows and movies anywhere with an enlarged screen magnifier that fits iPhones and most Android phones, including Android models and other smartphones. And not to worry, this amplifier comes with high-definition vision, radiation protection, and 3D visual enjoyment. 

This is an excellent buy for anyone and even better as the gift to make anyone smile.

ZEALOT: S7 Touch Control Bluetooth Wireless Speakers 4 Drivers Power Bank

This features the most powerful audio drivers that have ever designed and engineered, giving you everything you could ask for when it comes to bumping your tons of audio juice at extraordinary volumes, but with minimum distortion and remarkable crystal clarity. This sound bar has innovative touch control design whose remarkable touch interface makes it quite easy and convenient to use. 

It is also a super easy and ideal way to distribute your music during household get-togethers or any other event and keep your guests entertained with it’s LED light bar and buttons to make then want to keep the music going.                                        

What are you waiting for? Try buying one of these and share with me your experience! 


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