Scary Cool Small Laptop Skins to Honor the Monster in You

Scary Cool Small Laptop Skins to Honor the Monster in You

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You have to admit this: one of the best things about having your own laptop is that you get to decorate it! After all, it's your baby. Like a high school locker. Your football. Your man cave. Everything. Having a computer, of course, is one thing -- but getting to bring your small laptops everywhere you go for work earns you the right to pimp it out with the best possible designs.

Small laptops get it pretty easy for a lot of reasons: for one, they're easy to decorate. And two, sky's the limit. You can also show them off super-well both on a practical (and student) level, and professional level. So why not make it your own? You decorate your office space, don't you? Your laptop shouldn't be lacking either. When it comes to scary horror stuff, however, that you want to use to liven up the "black space" on the cover of your laptop (or "deaden" it, what have you), these options work tremendously well.

these truly terrifying small laptop skins fit the bill for the explosive design-minded in business or school

There is no question. It takes a lot to find skins like these that work the best. Most skins are either simple cash grabs to pop culture, or are so minor that they don't have much of a lasting effect at all. SUPERBLE, however, has collected the very best for you to peruse, pursue and pay for to own.

You'll find a lot of small laptop skins out there, actually. Some are pretty interesting. Others are bland. The big takeaway from this is the fact that you should not use "STICKERS"! Please don't. You'll hurt your small laptops if you do (hurt their feelings, not their 'circuitry'). So this is what you need to do -- invest in any one of these scary cool small laptop skins that'll serve to honor the one genre you adore the most: HORROR.

Starting With the Scariest Green Eye You'll Ever See on Small Laptops EVER

The big piece here with this skin is that you're going for BIG. And that's one big green eye. Now usually green eyes are just plain pretty. But this one's particularly bloodshot. So it's a bit hideous to look at. Eyes up this close tend to freak people out a whole lot, and the crazy bonus behind wild small laptops with skins like this is that even when you're not using the machine, and it's closed, people will still feel compelled to want to look at the unrelenting horror behind a machine that seems to have a doorway into HELL as it sits there on the table.

Additionally, have you ever seen a pupil pattern like that before? It looks alien. Dark. Visceral. Scary. The human depicted in this visionary piece of artwork had to have been infected by some dark force in the cosmos.

Flames Always Do the Trick With These Small Laptops

It almost would make these small laptops look like weapons of mass destruction. Keep 'em closed. Please. You'll get burned if you open them up. Unless you actually own them. The bad-ass factor cranks up good at the highest temp, featuring flames from HELL that don't just sit in the middle of the blank black space. No. They cover every inch of the casing. That's what we're talking about: going BIG and BOLD with the designs so that the laptop does stand out.

You can even say to your friends that what you have in your laptop has to be HOT, HOT, HOT. ....(Funny....).

We Can Go a Little Dark, Though, With a Biohazard Symbol....

Sometimes black doesn't have to be "bad" from a design aspect. And, in fact, a biohazard symbol doesn't even really have to be just about chemicals. Can you say ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, anyone? We can. That makes such a skin for small laptops a rather dismal, yet exciting, powerful and wickedly good idea for a machine that could potentially predict the coming of a revelation via the undead plague. We like it. It's still quite popular. We've seen all the Resident Evil films. We've even played the games. There's been World War Z, The Walking Dead, Z Nation, iZombie, and so much more. The concept of zombies still to this day ranks up there in the horror genre, so why not have that honored on your laptop?

Classic and Comic Go a Long Way in the Horror Genre, Too

We honestly can't say there would be any other laptop skin out there for small laptops anywhere that would feature even a hint of a classic monster -- Dracula, Wolfman, Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Mummy. It's not completely "in your face" either, rocking just a comical style to the age of Frankenstein with a little bit of undead thrown in there, and that makes for a skin that allows people to laugh at the good ol' days when the horror genre was just plain fun and not disturbing. Think Addams Family. Or The Munsters. For cult films, you've got classics like The Goonies and The Monster Squad. Those were the days.

Religious Horror Has Its Place, Too

We honestly don't know what it is: angel statues tend to look very scary. They're not supposed to be. But they are. Laced with a gothic sentimentality and featured in just about anything that has to do with European vampires, ghosts, gargoyles, dark fantasies, demons, dragons, and in general cathedrals and castles, the concept of the angel statue looking ominous in the dark makes for a great mood especially on the black space of your laptop. Bonus point if you just happen to like that sort of thing -- the whole religious apocalyptic, fear Satan, and raging avenger archangel thing. God bless.

And Then There's the Grim Reaper

Now what else can be scarier than Death? Pretty much nothing else. All of life is, in fact, governed by it. So why not have that pimped out on your laptop with an imagery that really does define who the Grim Reaper really is? It's all about chance. Gambling. You're taking a shot. You're dealing with Death. Honestly, though, chances are pretty good you're going to lose big, because nine times out of ten the reaper has that extra pair to beat any hand you have. Unless you're Bill and Ted, and you're playing Clue with the robed freak.

However, Nothing Compares -- and We Mean NOTHING COMPARES -- to an Image of This Guy's Eye

If you know your console games quite well, you'd know this eye pretty well. Although the eye could be literally any villainous lord wearing a skull. A case could be made that this is the eye of the Horseman of Death from the book of Revelations in Christianity, most notably depicted in the iconic game franchise DARKSIDERS. A harbinger of death. A warrior. Scythe-wielder. Executioner. Angels and demons alike fear the fire of this bestial avenger of dark and light, so why not YOU as you -- and everyone else -- stares at the casing of your laptop bearing the eye like this?

Truly awesome designs and worth getting for any small laptops

And the bonus is the company responsible for these designs also has options for tablets and smartphones. Who knows: you may not even like the particular genre written in detail here, and that's okay: any possible topic or scope can be addressed with some of the best designs. These, however, echo that of the horror aficionado, and the good news is this: you've got deals here. Pimp out your electronics, and if you're hot on the HORROR GENRE, there's no question: you'll get exactly what you want.

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