Rookie mistakes to avoid when mowing your lawn

Rookie mistakes to avoid when mowing your lawn

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Taking care of a lawn is a rewarding duty as the great looking grass is a source of pride and a joy for the eye. However, there is a great deal of work and skills behind mowing. Some rookies commit mistakes that cost them dearly. To avoid those, follow simple rules that we lay out in this article and your lawn will be the envy of neighbors. 

Don’t scalp your lawn

Cutting grass too short will make it vulnerable to diseases and pests. What’s more, it will damage the soil and make it prone to the process of compaction. To prevent these things from happening, follow a golden rule of never removing more than 1/3 of the grass blade length.  

By allowing the grass to have longer grass blades, you will ensure that the plant is able to develop its root system and find water and nutrients in the soil. If you cut the grass too often, or as some call it “scalping the lawn”, you are essentially forcing the grass to use its energy solely to regrow its blades. 

Mow a lawn only when it is dry

Another golden rule is not to mow the wet lawn as it will produce suboptimal results and uneven trim. At the same time, don’t mow a lawn at the peak of a day as the sun will exhaust both you and the lawn. 

Do your job in the early evening when the sun is not intense, the lawn is most likely dry unless it rained and the grass will have plenty of time to recover until the next morning heat. Another reason to follow this approach is the fact that grass will clog your mower and you’ll have to unnecessarily spend the time to fix it. 

Mowing pattern

If you mow the lawn in the same pattern each time, you are risking creating ruts in the lawn and having a compacted soil. Also, the grass tends to lean in the direction you mow so changing that direction will make grass to grow up and stand tall.

Don’t follow a schedule

While it is tempting to have a schedule and mow the lawn, for example twice a week, that’s the wrong approach. You need to allow your lawn to grow and mow it when it is needed. 

For example, you should mow your lawn twice weekly during the spring season, but during the hot summer and at the end of a season, you can only do it once weekly. 


When you mow, consider leaving grass clippings on the lawn if they are small enough. They will break down quickly and provide nutrients to the soil. This way you can provide almost a quarter of the necessary nutrients to the soil and save money on fertilizer. 

However, it is highly recommended that you replace your mower blade with a specialized mulching blade. That way, it will cut the grass into much smaller pieces. 

Keep your blade sharp

Although this might seem obvious, it is necessary that you keep mower blades clean and sharp. Otherwise, you will tear up grass, produce uneven trim and weaken a grass making it more susceptible to diseases and insects.  

Apart from these tricks, experts also suggest that grass that is in shades be allowed to remain higher compared to grass in sunny areas. Also, make sure to follow a specific fertilizing schedule depending on your type of grass. 

Overall, a nice looking lawn is a beautiful sight and it would be a shame to destroy the grass because of rookie mistakes. We hope this article helped you to avoid some of those mistakes. 

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