Reasons Why Your Beard Isn't Looking as Great

Reasons Why Your Beard Isn't Looking as Great

By avatarsamonal


Have you ever watched a TV show or movie and wished you had a cool beard like one of the characters in it? Yes, I’ve been there. Stick with me and I’ll let you in on the secrets to how I grew a beard like a Viking god. 

I’ll cut to the chase and list products you’ll need on this journey. I’ll also explain why you will need these products for your beard grooming kit and possible challenges you will face.

· Beard oil (Coconut oil, Castor Oil, Shea butter)

· Beard wash

· Bristle Brush

· Combs

· Conditioner

· Beard trimmers

· Precision clippers

Now, when choosing to grow your beard you should have a plan (you know? Like a road map to success). And to have a winning beard growth plan you should ask yourself these two questions:

1.) How long do I want to grow this beard?

2.) How am I going to maintain it?

I’ll answer these questions by giving some examples from my personal experience.

1.) How long do I want to grow this beard?

When I grew my beard two years ago, it was the first time I resolved to go past the stubble stage of beard growth. My mistake was, I didn’t consider what stage would mean success. So when I got past the stubble stage I got uninspired and shaved it off.

2.) How am I going to maintain it? 

I also didn’t consider what products would grow my beard faster or what phases I would go through and how to manage them.

After 5 weeks of itching and not shaving my beard, I gave up. I revisited this project in January, It’s been eight months and every phase is an interesting journey. You see, growing facial hair has been a struggle. So achieving this level is a big deal. Plus, I love to win.

Now, let’s talk about the stages of your beard growth and when you’ll need these products.

Stubble stage Day 1 – 2 weeks

The first stage is the stubble stage. Your facial hair begins to grow but “No!!” you’re NOT going to shave. In this phase, your face would feel itchy most of the time.  

Dapperganger beard oil” is a magnificent product to help manage this stage. I like this product because its affordable and scent free (So I don’t have to worry about being fond of the smell). I also noticed I didn’t have beard-ruff anymore. I simply apply it every morning after my shower then brush my beard with a light Bristle brush.

The stubble phase lasts a between few days to two weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. Some natural beard growth supplements you should consider at this stage include castor oil, rice water, carrot oil and coconut oil.

(Note: Some hair types are sensitive to coconut oil)

Growth gains 2 weeks – 6 weeks  

Remember I mentioned failing in my first attempt to grow my beard? Well, it was at this stage.  You will feel a tremendous need to shave and your beard will look patchy (Depending on your genetics). Your beard would also be itchy at this stage and every rational reasoning would tell you to give in.

At this stage, you have to persevere. To help you cope with this stage, use a lot of beard shampoos and conditioner to give your beard a soft feel. It’s important to note that keeping a beard under your chin will be dirty. So regular shampooing, washing, brushing and applying beard oils for healthy growth is important.

Tend the garden 6 weeks - 8 weeks

At this stage shape your beard regularly. Remember, you are trying to make a fashion statement, not look like you lost your job during the recession. 

You should own a “Precision Clipper” that you use daily to keep your beard looking neat. If you are mobile like me, use a cordless beard trimmer that comes with accessories. You can use it at home or on the go. 

Precision clippers” are also known to give the desired shape and friction to both your hair and beard. 

Choose quality beard trimmers/precision clippers that would evenly trim your beard allowing you to shape areas where you don’t want facial hair overgrowing. A couple of quality products you should look out for are: “Wahl Chrome Deluxe, Wahl beard trimmer”. 

After achieving the desired beard length, it’s maintenance time!! Use shampoos and conditioners to keep your beard clean, soft and fluffy. Apply beard oils regularly, eat healthily, get enough rest and keep your beard looking great.  Happy beard ganging up!!!

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