Quick Tip: Ways to Sell your Art Faster without a Canvas..

Quick Tip: Ways to Sell your Art Faster without a Canvas..

By avatarAllison

                          If you can't sell your paintings on a canvas,

Here is a tip: 

If you having a hard time getting people to buy your canvas art, sell them your Paintings on a t- shirt, Pillows, Rocks, Plates, Old Windows, Mailboxes, Birdhouses, Glass, Wine Bottles, Mugs, Old chairs, Small Tables, Lamps, or Wood, anything that might sell.. 

That way people will feel they are getting more then just a painting, and it makes your painting more interesting and unique..

People tend to buy cute things like t-shirts, Rocks, , they also love vintage things like Old Windows, old mailboxes, vintage table or lamps..

The best paintings to sell are colorful paintings, flowers, still life, and landscapes.

The best colors to sell are RED and or YELLOW as the focus in the painting.

The best colors that sell are red and or yellow as the focus..

Paintings that go back in time, people love to go back to their childhood, the street they lived on, skating on a pond, sliding, Christmas fireplace scenes,

If you want to sell you art on a canvas do a big painting so people can put it over their couch, or 3 or 4 smaller paintings that relate to each other..

Hope those tips help and you make lots of money...


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