Packing Essentials 101: How to Get Ready for Your Move!

Packing Essentials 101: How to Get Ready for Your Move!

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I have already written about some quick, easy and super efficient tips on how to get ready for a move. But - what I did not cover - is what you need to pack.

When I say this, I mean all of the tools that will help you pack up all of your stuff.

1. Boxes, Boxes and more Boxes!

The best way to organise and move things - is by putting them into cardboard boxes.

You separate things - in whichever fashion makes the most sense to you - and put them away.

Boxes are available in any size or shape - so you should not have any trouble finding the perfect ones for you.

You should also utilise your suitcases and pack away clothes and any breakables with those!

Before packing, ask yourself:

1. What will I be packing in these boxes?

2. How many boxes do I need?

3. What sizes do I need?

4. What material should these boxes be made of?

2. Label Makers

Once things are in their boxes - you should make sure that you know what is in what.

So - get yourself a label maker! And if these are not available or are too expensive - then get yourself some pens!

The basic idea behind this is to write down the contents of each box - on the box - so that once everything is in the new place - you will have no trouble or confusion!

Before packing, ask yourself:

1. How many things will need to be labelled

2. If you have enough paper and ink to write with

3. Large Appliances

My advice to you is - do not move your large appliances yourself. It is dangerous to you and the appliance!

There is a high risk that the appliance can be damaged in the packing or in the moving process - which would mean that you would need to fix it or buy a whole new one! And that is an expensive mistake!

Before packing, ask yourself:

1. Which appliances need professional guidance

2. What your budget for this part of the move is

3. When you would need these appliances to be moved

4. If these appliances also require dismantling and installation.

4. Overnight Bag

Okay so - this is not a packing tool. But it is an important point nonetheless.

Pack a bag for the first night in the new home - and make sure that you do not forget it!

This bag contains all the essentials that you will need for the night. A lot of times - moving gets tiring and stressful - and before you know it - it's already time for bed - and everything is probably still a mess!

The best thing is to keep this bag in a safe location during the move - so that you do not forget it - or that it does not get packed away with other things!

The last thing that you will want is to be dead tired after a long day - only to have to unpack to find your bag!

Before packing, ask yourself:

1. What you need in the overnight bag

2. Where will you keep it during the move

3. Any medication that may be required

4. Energy bars

5. Water

6. Toiletries

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