Overwatch-Themed Gear for your Setup!

Overwatch-Themed Gear for your Setup!

By avatarjaangq |
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This article's about products that I'd recommend to spice up your gaming abode/setup! 

All of the items that I have featured are Overwatch-themed! You're gonna love these if you're a fan of the ever-famous FPS shooter, Overwatch. If you don't know what Overwatch is, then it's time that you do!

We'll start off with this cool and rad Gaming Headset. The product's name is, D.VA Razer Meka Headset.

You are probably wondering that something's special about this Gaming Headset. Well you guessed right! This is Overwatch's DVA's headset in real life! If you're a big fan of Overwatch AND DVA then you clearly have to get this since IT'S DVA'S HEADSET!! It's also manufactured by Razer, which is one of the leading companies (if not the best already) when it comes to gaming gear and/or paraphernalia.  It's both stylish and a great gaming gear. It doesn't sacrifice performance for appearance so that's another reason for you to go and get it! 

Next would be- Another DVA-themed gaming accessory! It feels like we're being showered with rainbows and cookies since Razer and Blizzard gifted us with not only one DVA-themed gear!  

What we have here is Razer's DVA-themed Gaming Mouse, the Abyssus Elite. 

Overwatch fans would be able to tell that is not your average gaming mouse since it has DVA'S TRADEMARK BUNNY ICON!  It's an optical mouse with a DPI of 7,200. It also has an Ambidextrous form factor so both left and right-handed people would feel comfortable while using this mouse.  It feels like as if you're really piloting DVA's mech suit when you're using this Gaming Mouse. 

If there's a DVA-themed mouse then surely there just has to be a mouse pad to partner it up with. It would look so good if you had both the DVA-themed Gaming Mouse and this. 

This is Razer's DVA-themed Gaming Mouse Pad, Goliathus.   

Razer's gaming mouse pad, the Goliathus is a great mouse pad to use.  It's cloth-based designed and its edges won't easily fray, so you don't have to worry about it tearing up. Some people think that mouse pads aren't that important, that you can just buy some cheap alternative from somewhere, but some of the mouse pads that I've seen and used are horrible! Some are so bad that I'd rather use some sheets of paper!  And besides, the DVA-themed Goliathus is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use!  

Next on my list is a hoodie inspired by none other than Overwatch's Korean Hero, DVA!  

It's the Overwatch Ultimate Hoodie: DVA

You can wear it while playing as DVA to motivate you more in mowing down the enemies with your guns and rockets.  it's manufactured by Jinx. It's a men's jacket, but that didn't stop some other girls from getting it so why should you? There's also multiple sizes so that all people can wear it! 

I'll finish it off with a cute Vinyl! Pop Figure of Overwatch's mascot, Tracer! 

Having this figurine on your computer desk or on a shelf will surely add a certain charm to your gaming room.  And if you want more, don't worry since Funko released not only a Vinyl! Pop Figure of Tracer but also of the other characters/heroes of the game!  You can have the crew of the crime-fighting organization, Overwatch on one side while facing its nemesis organization, Talon.  That'd be both CUTE and EPIC. 

That would sum it up for my Overwatch-themed recommendations! I hope that I gave you some insight regarding these products. Thank you for reading! ^^ 

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