Overseas Good-To-Haves Package

Overseas Good-To-Haves Package

By avatarjomyrise


My Mother Says that I pack too many things for exchange, and even confiscated some of the things I want to bring! Thankfully, I managed to pack some things into the luggage that I checked in, so she cannot remove them. Haha! Right here right now, two months into exchange, these are the things which I have found helpful. You may find them useful as reference for presents for your friends, or yourself! 

1. Canon DSLR

Do I need to explain this?? Check this out: www.500px.com/jolyntato 

2. Water Bottle 

Hmm, this is a bit different as I am working overseas for a year too. This means that having a bottle like this will help me to drink lots of water. During intense periods, that might be helpful for my body to stay strong. Since I use it in the office, I would need one that is presentable at the very least, and not some kind of bottles that you find in theme parks. Surviving without one now, but I miss it! 

3. Good shoe 

 I love this shoe because it is not only comfortable, but also trendy. #forthegram I have written detailed explainations under this product, so do feel free to check that out k! 

4. Octupus Hanger 

Surprise! My Mother Says to bring this, it's a must-have! This is something that I thought I wouldn't need, but when the dryer broke down one day, it actually saved me quite a lot of trouble! However, after fixing the new dryer, I realised that I don't really need to use this that much. Hmmmm maybe I shouldn't listen to what My Mother Says sometimes... 

If you like this article, check out the Overseas Essentials Package article I had written too, haha! 

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