Overseas Essentials Package 1

Overseas Essentials Package 1

By avatarjomyrise


My Mother Says that I pack too many things for exchange, and even confiscated some of the things I want to bring! Thankfully, I managed to pack some things into the luggage that I checked in, so she cannot remove them. Haha! Right here right now, two months into exchange, these are the essentials. You may find them useful as reference for presents for your friends, or yourself! 

1. Soft Toy 

Everyone knows the benefit of getting a good night's sleep, and hey, soft toys have actualyl became an essential for most Singaporeans! Thankfully I have vacuumed bagged it, and now there is this little bit more of comfort as I tackle my life overseas. 

2. Hair Oil 

As mentioned, this is one of the things of my list of "good to have"s. Alas, I have reached a point when I realised that if you have it and use it, you can save a lot of time trying to manage your hair! Saving time is definitely a huge plus when you are overseas! 

3. Sewing Kit 

During emergency when you need a needle and thread, then you will suffer the flaccid flavour of regrets. In Singapore, you can get them for as cheap as $1 but overseas?? Where to find the mama shops??

4. Mattress Protector 

I remember my mother scolding me, asking me why must I bring a mattress protector?!?! So I told her, I am going to spend one year overseas, and my third of it sleeping. Which means I will spend around 4 whole months sleeping! Since it will help me to sleep better, I think it's a good investment!

Furthermore, how would I know what people do on their mattress.....................

So she allowed me to bring it. :D 

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